Outstanding for the Tuxedo of Purification Garcia to Carme ChacóN

On January 6, was held the Royal Palace military Easter, ceremony for which the Protocol to point has corresponding labels for all attendees to the event: ceremony for the military and for civilians, each for them and long dress for them.

The Minister of defence, Carme Chacón, It came with great surprise and general uproar, with a black feminine Tuxedo, with his white shirt and a black vertical stripe that was often tie. Fantastic, elegant, perfect.

Surely an appearance of this importance was thought and discussed endlessly by his team. Be was the idea of who, congratulations: It was right in the bull’s eye.

A known lady came once at a wedding where was required to go label and instructed her dressmaker a black esmokin with white sash and black bowtie: was a total success.

The esmokin is reserved for a high level of solemnity festive occasions. The only question I have If it is correct to take it in an exterior space: had understood that it was reserved for festive ceremonies on covered spaces.

Many big fashion names given its approval to a woman to wear an esmokin, since Dolce & Gabbana, Armani and Moschino. Armani even says that, for a morning ceremony, so criticized might be a long dress such as a suit jacket and pants holidays.


The great designer Yves Saint Laurent already presented to the world the idea of feminine Tuxedo and we’re talking about the year 1966. It seems to me more than correct, correct. Go prom formal standard is respected and met.

The voices that cackle is not appropriate I consider them archaic and static. There are rules that should be updated, without leaving them to lose consciousness, clear. In addition, a woman will always female with pants or dress: there are the accessories and makeup to differentiate ourselves. We must evolve.

By the way that the controversial black tuxedo was a design of Purificación García, one of my favorite designers. Outstanding to these two great women, the Minister and the designer.