Parade Manicure!

Today’s talk about glaze, Thursday is almost over and we’re a little late, but still worth the post! Without step by step or enamel, the subject is parade manicure-yesterday we saw the choice of enamel Snob of Roberto Cavalli–after all, all the trends come out straight for the runway beauty salons!

The glazes in shades of nude came back with everything, I love this nail art with texture like a truss in ton-sur-ton, much wealth! The nails in stilettoformat, that is, rounded and pointed also are popular, and not to shock the is choose blush colors as this pink with tips on a darker tone. And when in doubt than spend, bet on the white of the Paris type or Rent it, always infallible.

For your time, the metallic are still super high, a great option for anyone who has a party or want to combine with a bold look in the ballad, the silver footprints rocker and the Gold is wealth’s face. The glitter comes with everything and can be used in just a fingernail type glitter izada only child, can be drilled or more delicate as the image. And a nail art that appeared in several fashion shows was the Striped Nails, in which you choose two contrasting shades of enamel and does only one track in the Middle.

The type a little luthe has already been immortalized, since the pin ups and Dita Von Teese, the half moon is colorful, you can bet on dark and light tones in the rest of the nail. Invest in a nude base and a strong red tone is different and fashionista, in appliques and decals too! And finally, for those who thought the caviar nails are out of fashion, the runway shows prove that coming back with force–Choose light colors and metallic! There are so many options that you are going to be in doubt when the day comes to go to the Salon!

Which nail art you like?

Photos: Reproduction

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