People That Worth a Follow on Google Android Plus to Know

It is a reality that Google Plus you don’t have as much activity as other social networks. Not over curdling, despite many attempts that have been made to activate it but having them removed photos with Drive synchronization is only a nail in its coffin. That Yes, we still do not bury it, has very good things.

If you like be up to date on what is happening in Android, Google Plus is one of the best networks that exist. The most relevant personalities share much more content here that on Twitter and Facebook so if you want to watch, especially what happens, in addition to reading Xataka Android, we recommend that you follow the following people.

Google to Cyanogen and many brands

Let’s start our list with a classic. If you want to know What about Google and Android, Sundar Pichai is our man. Little update, but it is always the first to talk about official announcements that makes your company. Don’t you view, and less with the Google I/o to the corner.

Another big name to which we should not lose track: Matías Duarte, well-known in Android by the design of its interfaces. Fortunately, it is a little more active than Pichai in Google Plus and much of the content sharing is related to the operating system, although lately he published many things related to Material Design.

A former Google who made the leap to China. Yes, we are talking about Hugo Barra, Xiaomi current worker. If we want to keep everything about this brand, Rod is its Ambassador for the West. We must always aware of what takes place and usually explain some other additional details when your company makes an announcement. A benchmark.

Maybe your name to give rise to many misunderstandings, but Francisco Franco is one of the most reputable developers in Android. Does not work for Google, but your applications and comments on the development of the operating system are very enriching. If we are interested in the more technical part of the platform, Franco is a reference.

Koushik Dutta is unveiled through CyanogenMod and today if we want to be interested in what is happening with Android, we must follow him. Not only has created magnificent applications such as AllCast which remains one of the important names in a company that wants to take the pulse of Google with their own version of Android.

While everyone is talking about your brand and its products, some share very personal opinions about Android or your own day to day.

Dutta is not only visible head on CyanogenMod, Steve Kondik is also very media. His work has given him public recognition and if we want to know what happens with Cyanogen, you must follow him. In fact, he is who is reporting on the development and launch of CyanogenMod 12S.

Among this list of personalities, I raised do not add official pages of sites but with APK Mirror I will make an exception. If you want to be the last of all applications that are up on this site, make sure you follow it and read it frequently because they have a good update rate.

Pete Lau is one of the important men in OnePlus and although not too update your profile, it is worth to follow him to be aware about this Chinese manufacturer. My recommendation is also you to continue them on Twitter, where they have official account, and not miss anything whatever.

In addition to being editor at Android Police, Artem Russakovskii is one of the most interesting people you follow in Google Plus. Has a very technical profile and once in a while it drops very interesting comments. Indeed, thanks to it learned that the upgrade to Android 5.1.1 is underway.

Jorrit Jongma probably not you sound much but if say safe Chainfire that things change. Yes, Jongma is the person behind this nick and the development of the root and backup applications. Again, quite technical but highly recommended.

Vincent Mo is responsible for Google photos and a person who deserves the penalty follow closely. He says many images and photography in Android news. In addition, now that the application becomes a more important element with the synchronization with Google Drive, more reasons to keep that in our circles.

We close the list with another Google employee, Bradley Horowitz says all official announcements related to Android, and is convenient to read you to not miss anything. Now that you have submitted to all, What would you add to the list?