Peridot Jewelry

This stone is composed of silicate, magnesium and iron, he is hard 6-7.5 of Mohs, shines in light to dark olive green and is usually completely transparent. Larger Peridote are usually very rarely found and are therefore very difficult to obtain and costly in the reverse case. Beautiful and large Expemplare of Peridoten are found in the United States. There are but the volcanic area is also found on the Canary Islands and Burma, important. Other very true names are: olivine or Chrysolite. Perdorschmuck is always in demand, because green is the color of hope.

Peridot silver jewelry in history

The peridot was used long before the ancient times in early Christian times as decoration and also as a healing stone. The ancient Greeks and Romans saw him him a healing and protective stone. Of course, the goldsmiths even then discovered the thrill of finishing a piece of jewelry with the Peridot. The first known finds were in the Red Sea on volcanic ground, this beautiful olive green stone with the sailors came to Europe. Unfortunately, this place was already completely dismantled. The Benedictine and universal scholar Hildegard von Bingen, saw the 7th foundation stone in the Peridot (wrote to largest healing 12 foundation stones). The name Peridot comes from the Greek Peridona, meaning as “the smooth, Edelsteinschmuckgleichmäßige energy“. Like, the peridot is processed to silver jewelry.

Peridot bracelets as a remedy

As a healing stone to internal organs, particularly the heart to protect us against diseases increase. Who wears a Peridot to learn positive energies and counteract before melancholy or depression. Let yourself be enchanted by one of our Peridot rings from our colour stone Collections. Who cares: the period associated with the zodiac sign cancer (June/July). As bracelets directly on the skin, the Peridot can which he said after healing the best effect.

Peridot gemstone jewelry

After a long time was down to this beautiful gemstone, he experienced a sudden, sensational Renaissance mid-nineties of the last century. The reason for this is simple. It had opened up, extremely productive period site in Pakistan at an altitude of 4000 meters. Not only she provisionally can cover the needs of the gemstone in the entire world, in particular the quality of the found there Peridots is indescribable. Unusually large and clear crystals are mined there. In part, they are so large, that succeeded in precious stone grinders to grind individual stones of more than 100 carats (1 Carat = 0.2 grams). Therefore, one finds also affordable stones for the production of precious stone jewellery and Peridot jewelry on the gem market.

Peridot earrings or olivine earrings

The peridot is known also under the name of olivine. Where this classification is not quite correct, because a whole group of mineral called olivine. The peridot is one thing The peridot is a very evenly-colored mineral from the Group of silicates and ate. Its color is a bright, juicy green. You could also say it’s a spring green. The coloration is most intense. The peridot is silicate often to magnesium or iron. The ions of the two metals are responsible for the coloring. Because House olive color of Peridot earrings is also often referred to as olivine.

All minerals in the olivine group form orthorombische crystals. These are mostly prismatic or even tafelig. The crystals have a strong glass shine, in part, there are also crystals with fat shine. Its transparency is transparent to translucent. With a Mohs hardness of 6.6 to ca 7 the minerals are pretty hard, yet can be well split and ground. Your break is muschelig that is brittle. The olivine mineral group name comes from Latin and means olive. This designation was elected in 1790 by Abraham Gottlob Werner, because the most crystals of this mineral group comparable to an intense green, which have an olive green or a bottle green.

Where does the name Peridot

“Peridona” comes from Greek and is central for the period. That means translated in about “wealth”. However this variant applies to the naming as secure, because there are other explanations through various historical eras. Not only olivine, but also Chrysolite is known as a synonym for Peridot. In contrast to other gems of Peridot not changed its radiant colour in the artificial light, that’s why the Romans called him “Emerald of the evening”. Olivine are among the most common silicates, they make the main part of the upper mantle of the Earth. The peridot was mined on the Seberged island in the Red Sea a long time. Very large and very beautiful specimens have been found there. Today, she has however long ago doesn’t matter anymore, since it is exploited. There are more sites in Myanmar, in Arizona, United States, in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tanzania. In Russia there are archaeological sites, a very well known around the a meteorite impact crater is located in Siberia. Peridot is mined for more than 3500 years and processed for jewelry. This gemstone had a very well-known wearer in the course of its history. Cleopatra declared him their favorite stone. As a result, he gained a certain popularity. The stone in the Bible is mentioned under the name of Chrysolite. The name Chrysolite is derived from the Greek, from “chrysos” for gold and “lithos” stone, so Goldstein.

Peridot earrings and the Bible

He should be one of the 12 apocalyptic stones on the walls of Jerusalem. Just because of this mention, it is understandable that we find in the shrine of the three kings in the Cathedral Treasury of the Cologne Cathedral, three Peridot stones are considered exceptional examples. They have each two to three hundred carats. In the Baroque, the peridot was then a very sought after fashion jewelry, he became even the favorite of an entire epoch. The peridot is an outspoken summer stone. With its luminous green, he fits perfectly to our clothing bright summer colors. It is the birthstone of the month of August. He should be the August of born a clear and sharp mind and a clear view, he is also responsible for her happiness. It was mentioned early Peridot earrings in old stories.

In the Zodiac, the peridot is associated fish (20.02.-20.03.) and (23.11.-21.12.) protecting the zodiac sign. Other sources associate it to cancer (22.06.-22.07.). The peridot is used also as a healing stone. Its effect on the mental level is that he sells bad feelings and negative thinking. The stone sells envy, selfishness and callousness, so he allows us to be open to new and increased our receptiveness, helps us to new life happiness. The Peridot feelings such as sadness, anger, anger will be addressed and resolved, as it distributes self blame and guilt.

The peridot was mentioned already in the healing stones of Hildegard von Bingen. At that time still under the name of Chrysolite. So to help the gemstone water of the Peridots against fever. The stone itself is to strengthen our hearts and help against heart ailments. Best, it helps if it is heated and soaked in olive oil and then is put on the heart, so Hildegard von Bingen. Just as heated and soaked can be used him for stomach pain. Set overnight on the belly, to bring relief.

At the present time to write to rather a soothing effect on digestive problems the Peridot. He should capitalize on our metabolism. This is due to the nickel content of the stone. Being toxic nickel for our body, our body, however, defends itself and our detoxification program is in full swing, the stone itself is of course not poisonous, he provokes only a reaction of our body. So he has a particularly positive effect on bile and liver. The Peridot has a positive effect on our skin. Up to of acne, blemishes should be relieved by him. To write to even help with warts. Even more to other gems in our gemstone dictionary.

Peridot pendant directly on the skin

This gem can fully exert its effect if it is applied on our skin when worn as a pendant. But also, if we carry it as for some time decorations on the body, it can make positive. In the esoteric, the peridot is associated with the heart chakra. He will even be able to open our eyes for the future, when it is applied as a very large stone on the third eye. Regardless of its effect as a healing stone, he enjoys today again great popularity as a gemstone. Due to its bright green coloring he can be processed with silver jewelry or gold jewelry, both variants bring forth wonderful jewelry. So, the peridot is met as polished stone in rings and earrings. But also very beautiful pendant, in which the light in a charming way breaks, enjoy great popularity. Also, it is not surprising that this beautiful gemstone trade again and again as pure stone with very nice cuts will be offered.

Peridot ring in silver and gold

Here as in many other transparent gems, the peridot is most beautiful facet-rich brilliant cut in round shape, green Fireworks. And most beautiful are grouped natürch as a Solitaire, ask yourself so the bright Peridot stud earrings or Peridot earring matching before and this denPeridot ring in silver or gold or as Solitaire or Peridot pendant. But you find the most important Peridot jewelry in Sibel and gold in our large selection.