Phoenix Diving Flashlight SD10 LED Cree Neutral

The Phoenix presents its first flashlights the innovative SD10 features a buttonless design and double-ring sealing allows light in dives up to 100 meters.Shake the flashlight to toggle between modes.With the body made with double layer of aerial aluminum anodized the SD10 is practically indestructible.Allows two types of battery.Low battery warning system and inverted battery protection warning system.

With 3 light modes, Cree Led of last generation and tempered mineral glass lens produces a beam of up to 300 meters.The neutral white LED provides excellent color reproduction during dive as opposed to a cold white LED.The digitally regulated output circuit keeps the brightness constant.The intelligent thermal management system automatically adjusts the brightness level output to prevent overheating when used on the ground.

* Uses Cree XM-L2 LEDs with 50,000 hour service life

* Uses one 18650 Rechargeable battery or Two CR123A batteries

* Tail cap lock prevents accidental untwisting

* International waterproof IPX-8 standard, submersible up to 100 meters deep

* Design without buttons ensures durability and practicality

* Double layer of aluminum + double ring of seal + Greater resistance and robustness

* 3 levels of brightness – Led White Neutral Suitable for underwater photography

* Maximum output of 930 lumens

* Digitally adjusted output – maintains constant brightness

* Low voltage alert function to remind you to recharge the battery, reverse polarity protection circuitry and improper battery installation

* Impact resistance of 1.0 meter

* Intelligent thermal protection system protects from overheating out of water

* Anti-slip, body made with non-slip design

* Tactical tail switch with snap-on function

* Smart Memory Turns on the mode used before power down.

* Premium Military Type III anodizing and anti-abrasive finish

* Battery life up to 100 hours moderate use

* Distance Beam Light Beam – 300 meters

* Ultra tough and transparent tempered glass.

High / Medium / Low operating modes
High (930 lumens / 3 hours 30min)
Average (385 Lumens / 4 hours)
Low (110 Lumens / 14 hours)

NOTE: The aforementioned parameters (These were tested in Fenix’s laboratory using 18,650 ARB-L2 batteries) and may vary subtly between flashlights, batteries and environments.

Packaging and Content

* 1 Flashlight Fenix ​​SD10
* Strap – Security Cord
* 1 spare gasket
* 1 Multi Language User’s Guide

Length: 144 mm.
Diameter: 40 millimeters of head and 26 millimeters of body.
Weight of 160 grams (without battery)