Phono Preamplifier Moon LP 3.5 RS

The Moon LP 3.5 RS (1600 euro) characterized not only by posh building, as well as the universality of, but impressed also with fine, elegant sound.

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After the success of little sister LP 3, it was clear that in this test now the more expensive LP takes their place 5.3 RS. And so the first handle in the removal of the front cover, was to throw a look inside and determine what the Canadians have done differently.

It enjoyed the same professional building with miniaturized surface mounted components without additional wiring in this country have also is an abbreviation of SMD ever. Respectable has got the power supply, which is housed at the LP, 5.3 RS in the same casing as the amplifier electronics separated like this but with a footboard. More elaborate, also the customization possibilities: there’s the choice between five practical input resistors, three capacity values, and five different reinforcements (where Moon describes four on the Board).

In addition you can choose also between a pure RIAA equalization and a according to IEC standard, which has a bass filter to suppress the deep resonance of the tonearm-height sensor Federation. The input circuit with a discrete Symmetry stage and OP INA 163 is identical with the LP 3. So but then the symmetry is maintained until the exit, Moon spent an additional OP circuit at the bigger sister.

This effort was worth it because when connecting to the fully balanced Thorens TEP 3800 (5/08) the LP more fine and expressive rang 5.3 RS using the XLR outputs. Through the low input capacitance, she harmonized with the Reca-MM system as well as with the high-output MC ACE H 2.

She spread warm showers as she traced sound ramifications very elegant with a very fine brush. II in addition to power supply NC itself the stereoplay highlight Trichord Dino Mk she was superior, as she gave more aura high tones, better unraveled complex passages and even more clearly outline individual instruments.

The MC passage was then even still more convincing. Here the LP was a another sound point 5.2 RS, because she themselves offered the superb Linn Linto Paroli (4/98). Although she had not quite the immediacy and enthusiasm of the Scottish Hotspot, for a more lush color palette and more elegance, the Linto therefore almost already to Prussian smart step.

That it makes sense to offer two different equalization, showed a sound attempt with different speakers. The Moon in RIAA mode on the Magico v3 (6/08) sounded more harmonious, attracted the tester the bass massive focal Grande utopia EM from this booklet clearly the IEC filtering before. So, it was clear that the Moon LP deserves a stereoplay highlight 5.3 RS with its sound as well as its universality.

+ Strengths

Extensive customization options. Good balanced outputs. Silky, fine sound.

Moon LP 5.3 RS

Manufacturer Moon
Price €1600.00
Rating 59.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Mass B-20, 0 x H 8, 0 x T 28.0 cm
Measured values
N ratio MM 5 mV, 1 kohms 86 dB
MM (standard system) 76 dB
MC (0.5 mV, 20 ohm) 77 dB
Reinforcement MM / MC 40.4 / 65.3 dB
Headroom MM / MC 99 / 6,0 mV
Input impedance, MM 47 kOhm + 35 pF
MC 100 ohm
Output resistance 50 ohm
Power consumption standby 4.8 W
Short conclusion The Moon LP 5.3 presents itself not only as a very universal, since it offers perfect conditions both MM and MC Abbot asters, even she impressed with their naturalness, which is why the verdict could mean only stereoplay highlight.
Sound Absolute Top.
Sound points MM / MC
(maximum 70 points)
58 / 59
Measured values
(maximum 10 points)
(maximum 10 points)
(maximum 10 points)
Overall rating (max. 120 points) very good-86 points
Price / performance outstanding
tested in issue: 6 / 09