Phono Preamplifier Tom Evans Microgroove +

The Microgroove + (1350 euro), Tom Evans is extremely consistent. It comes either as a pure MM or MC version.

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They believe that Tom Evans is a man that makes no compromises, while looking at the Microgroove + immediately. For example to solder fixed the desired resistance at the factory in South Wales. MC/MM switching? Not consistent enough, eventually the circuit should be optimized for both modes of operation. So there’s the Microgroove + only as MM or MC version. To the test, but joined the MC version.

And she showed magnificently fitted up with the airing of the acrylic lid – Evans is an enemy of metal enclosures, because he suspected interference of flows on the Board of these -. Impress not only the blue BC electrolytic capacitors, is also the complex class-A system with discrete transistors. Here as well as in the audio path Evans cannot be in the cards look as he grinding the labels on the transistors of the scheme as well as the OP ICs. Then when asked, pressing, he revealed that the Equalization with high-quality capacitors between the first and second stage is passive and the third OP acts as a servo and eliminates DC voltages, because Evans, except for the RIAA equalization necessary, accepts no other capacitors in the signal path.

In the listening test the testers focused Titan i on the Lyra, because the input resistance of the sales it was optimized. No eye remained dry in this combination: a the Microgroove + could spread very natural tone colors and provide a precise location, as well as long-range representation; on the other hand managed her, something you could rewrite with “relaxed style of play”. So the Tom Evans celebrated music, and finest details even if it was not quite the attack of the Linn Linto (4/98) discreetly veiled. But the natural sounds and the sensitive nature of the Micogroove + resulted in a clear stereoplay highlight.

+ Strengths

Extreme game, natural sound.


Pure MC stage, which is customizable by the sales.

Tom Evans Microgroove +

Manufacturer Tom Evans
Price €1350.00
Rating 59.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Mass B-20, 0 x H 7, 0 x D 12.5 cm
Measured values
N ratio MM 5 mV, 1 kohms
MM (standard system)
MC (0.5 mV, 20 ohm) 77 dB
Reinforcement MM / MC / 70.2 dB
Headroom MM / MC / 3.1 mV
Input impedance, MM
MC 560 ohm
Output resistance 12 ohm
Power consumption standby 6.5 W
Short conclusion Sonically compensated the pure MC phono for the somewhat cumbersome adjustment with very natural sound colors, three-dimensional representation of space and lively and rousing musicality. A stereoplay highlight.
Sound Absolute top.
Sound points MM / MC 59
Measured values
(maximum 10 points)
(maximum 10 points)
(maximum 10 points)
Overall rating (max. 120 points) very good 80 points
Price / performance outstanding
tested in issue: 5 / 09