Ping and iPhone 3GS Will be Discontinued

During the announcement of the iPhone 5 yesterday Apple left a lot of things out. Of course, a company always keeps the most show potentially negative things in a press conference. But besides not mention the frequency of 4G and the nano-SIM factor of the new device, Apple also said that its social network Ping would be discontinued and that the iPhone 3GS, which was sold by then, would have the same fate.

Sai Ping enters Facebook

The Ping social networking music that Apple tried but failed to leverage, will cease to exist in this universe for all time from the 30th of September. A representative of the apple company confirmed to CNET the end of Ping and also said that the playlists created by users of the service will be turned into iMixes, then at least some data will not be lost.

In its place comes the sharing of a social network rather famous, I do not know if you have heard. If Facebook calls. It will be tightly integrated in iTunes 11, as well as Twitter – which has had a good integration but must now win more sharing options. The same should happen with iOS 6, since the first betas already showed that Ping would receive a whitewash.

Sai iPhone 3GS, remains the iPhone 4 and 4S

When launched the iPhone 4S, Apple has left both the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS in the market, reducing their prices. Now that the iPhone 5 is to be released on the market, it’s time the 3GS as well. The company told the website All Things D that the iPhone model will be discontinued and now that the iPhone 4 will be the input device for those who want a smartphone with an apple bite mark behind.

Remember that even though the iPhone 4 and 4S are still on the market, only one model of each will be sold. The iPhone 4 will have only 8 GB models and the iPhone 4S will be sold only with 16 GB of storage capacity.

This can translate into a potential price drop in Brazil. Although Apple’s Brazil has said that there is no exact date for the launch of the iPhone 5 here, I’ll kick you when you arrive (in December) will be sold for a price between R $ 2,300 and R $ 2.8000 while the iPhone 4S should be at R $ 1.8000 and iPhone 4 may fall to R $ 1.3000. Yes, I am particularly optimistic today.