Planet Girls Fashion Winter: Pants, Blouses, Dresses and Jeans

Planet Girls Fashion Winter 2012: Pants, Blouses, Dresses and Jeans, Site

If there is a brand of fashionable clothes and with everything that pleases the girl, her name is” Planet Girls”. In addition to meeting the desires of consumers eager for new models, it always offers its products in the most varied colors and sizes.

Planet works with  T-shirts, dresses, blouses, skirts, bags  and  bags  always tuned and according to trends by a2zdirectory. It has two showrooms in São Paulo, 22 own stores and 28 franchises spread all over Brazil, all to meet your audience with the greatest convenience.

But who is mistaken who thinks that the “designer of the stars” only works in the summer. In  winter  the pieces of the brand are super requested, which is not difficult to understand since their models please all. The  2012 Winter Fashion Planet Girls has decided to combine sensual and feminine styles.

. In addition to leather, tacks, zippers and lace, the collection brings lots of luster and delicate fabrics. Based on the 2011 Winter Fashion brand, we can realize that this year the pieces bring a more subtle touch. Despite the strong presence of  strong and dark tones , characteristic of the station, there are models that please the most discreet.

In addition to the clothes that can be seen and even bought through the  Planet Girls website(, the brand offers accessories, cosmetics and even shoes. That’s right, and everything at your disposal through the site or in the  nearest sites(see addresses on the site).

. But what about you, what do you think of Planet Girls??? Leave your comment.

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