Porteriacero Launches Its New Range Of Gloves 2016-2017

Working in silence, but always it is there. Porteriacero is a brand that not lavished too much within show business for social networks (seems as if are not in the RR.) SS are not anyone) but it has always worked for the benefit of the goalkeeper and it has always offered a great product to the market.

This season has not been less, and it has launched its new range with gloves really very interesting and above all functional. See at a glance that it is what brings the Spanish brand.

We started with Professional silo and the version Quartz, model that had no place in the range of last year and who suffers a redesign. Black colors and a reddish tone, adorn the back of a glove of broad construction, with Palm Rollfinger Extend to have greater contact surface if possible, latex GigaQuarz for maximum grip and long service life thanks to the particles of quartz, and elastic closure. Ideal for lovers of the armed feeling and thick glove. Within theProfessional silo also have a much more classic (white full) protection on the fingers.

For those who like color, the Professional Blackor palms (as its name suggests) combines black and orange in the Palm giving a very modern twist, along with latex divided into fingers. It is not only visual issue, but in the Palm we have latex Gigagrip fingers latex is Contact. Interesting idea by friends of Porteriacero to get an extra grip on the fingers.

Another large silo brand for this season is sata glove with a concept opposite to the Professional, a glove more technical, narrow, with lower-level Assembly, intended for porters diametrically opposed in their tastes. In this silo highlight Sat Pink with a very cool aesthetic, with predominant black and pink colors, and with a pure negative cut that gives an extreme technicality. Also in the range we can see Sat Aqua, Aqua blue Palm and cutting Testa, the SAB Rollfingerin colors Blue and orange, with pure and classic, white sat 2017 cut hybrid Roll-Neg.

It is notorious that on SAT has an important influence from other mythical glove as the HO Soccer Ghotta, a very recognizable glove design and which the SAT has very similar features.

For any interest that you have about the gloves, you can visit the website: CYCLINGENTHUSIASM.