Possible Filtered Image of The New BlackBerry App World

It may not be today and not tomorrow, but it is cooking an update with major changes to the BlackBerry App World is something that was already known as an open secret. With tough competition with as it is the Windows Marketplace, RIM certainly should reinforce everything you can so you don’t have a major leak of users.

As we can see in the picture, the design change is noticeable, the best thing you could do is to change the way they were categories, since it is easier to see. Another change that sounds simple, but is very useful is the search bar that has greater prominence in the new design, which is appreciated a lot.

The image on the right is the first filtration that occurred some time ago, so we can appreciate the dramatic upgrade which has received in a few months, which means that they are devoting much effort in improving this app store something so necessary for Research In Motion.

Hopefully these changes they can retain some developers or better yet, maybe they can attract others who also work on other platforms so that at the end they can give more life to the BlackBerry App World, which oddly enough, is the second store that generates more profit to developers, so still just below the Apple Appstore.