Practical test: Elgato EyeTV Micro For Android

The train delayed by half an hour and 15 minutes, the football game starts? Off the hook is, who has at least a radio in your smartphone. But a mobile TV receiver like the eyetv micro elgato is even better: The always this entertainer is small, always ready for use and delivers itself on a tablet a good image.


Pack contains everything you need to enjoy television: DVB-T-adapter, telescopic antenna, magnetic foot antenna and a micro-USB to USB cable for television on a windows PC and an apple computer.


Installing the android app is done within a few minutes. They serve them just as easily as a TV: Search start, select channel and sit back. Tidy is hardly. The only setting you make, concerns the time shift buffer. Determines how far you can rewind in the television program, after the app is started. Downer: The android app is currently no recording function. That to deal with the next version in the next few weeks change.

Reception and image quality
Eyetv micro with good image quality and stable reception enjoyed in the test. Next to the channel name, you will receive information about the current program. The compact construction makes it difficult the connection for devices with cover flap on the micro-USB connector. The flap is too wide or in the way that the DVB-T adapter will not fit correctly any and it concluded no link. Here helps an extension cord for a few euros more.


Elgato eyetv micro

For 59 euro elgato offers a lot of television fun for almost any device: Android smartphone, tablet, windows PC or mac of the eyetv micro is universally applicable. There are deductions for the missing recording function and the micro-USB connector, not more reliable fitting for smartphones with dust protection cover. It scores the eyetv micro with easier operation.