Pregnancy in Preparation

This happened in the 1st week of pregnancy for MOM & baby…

Although it is not yet pregnant two weeks of pregnancy in the first, officially starts with the 1st week (though retrospectively calculated) pregnancy.

More precisely, A pregnancy lasts 40 weeks from the 1st day of the last period up to the expected date of birth. To make it even more complicated, but still two more weeks (41st and 42nd week) happen after the calculated date of birth. Because most children are two weeks before until two weeks after the expected date born.

Correctly calculate the week of pregnancy

Really pregnant a woman is at about the middle of the menstrual cycle, or roughly only if was – fertilized the egg, and this happened two weeks after the 1st day of the last period.

This confusing statement about 40 weeks gestation, and the woman is not pregnant the first two weeks (1 week and 2 SSW), has become but proven. Because for every woman the date of ovulation and thus the fertilization cannot be determined retroactively clearly.

The 1st day of your last period know most women – extrapolating from there from 40 weeks on it, one has the preliminary dates of birth. Often, this date in future investigations due to size and development of the baby is still adjusted.

Based on Oxfordastronomy, who is planning a pregnancy and would like in the current cycle to become pregnant , should be already folic acid (0.4 mg daily). That supports the development of the baby later.

The baby in the 1st week

The 1 week still not actually is a pregnancy, one cannot speak of course also still of a baby . Also the baby is called, if the egg has been fertilized and himself in the womb has taken root, for the first few weeks embryo.

Yet already things that prepare the expectant mother’s body for a possible pregnancy happen: through the menstrual period, the lining of the uterus is rinsed and then again rebuilt. Only if the lining of the uterus thick enough and is irrigated can settle a fertilized egg and to ripen to the baby.

The mother in the 1st week

Going on before possible fertilization in the expectant mother the body every month a whole lot to it to prepare, so as to provide that this a baby grow up a fertilized egg can. In the later than 1 week of pregnancy (SSW) designated time is an actual pregnancy of course not recognizable, there does not exist. The body goes through the menstrual cycle now as usual. The 1st week of pregnancy begins with the first day of the period, which means the usual menstrual period is now and takes the usual time.

Who would like to increase the odds that this week will be to the 1 SSW, can already be sure to eat healthier and abstain from alcohol and cigarettes. Also now a folic acid supplement taken and avoid stress.

Who want to become pregnant, can make to the fertile days – who knows, maybe to fertilized the egg, who is soon on the way into the uterus, in around two weeks.