Presentation to the Press of the New Collection Spring-Summer Chanel

Yesterday, in a space located in a unique building of neoclassical style, newly restored, and a passage of El Retiro, Chanel presented his new collection for the summer season. A collection inspired by modern art, but without sacrificing the basics always.

With one staging very Arty -not in vain were where he had been a contemporary art gallery-, different lines had been organized in different corners, in which Assunta Ontiveros, and the rest of his team, had created a diverse and fantanticos still lifes.

If I had to summarize you the new collection, I would say that, one year more, the tweed emerged as absolute protagonist, but with new cuts and a more modern air and, above all, with lots of color. On this occasion, Lagerfeld has managed to give a touch of originality, its new proposals without leaving so be true to the DNA of the firm.

Not is if I find the words to describe the beauty of the new parts that give life to the line of accessories for this summer. Originality is the order of the day. Look but in those headdresses to mode of DIAdem tilted, the wrist or the gardenias of much more chic and contemporary style.

Caught me attention touch decant of the jodhpurs as of the taste of the Kaiser, living on the side of metallic details or very bling bling. Pearls and camellias of Mademoiselle return to be the order of the day, only oversized.

Among the items displayed in racks you can see baggy pants, that concentrating the light colors, tight skirts, LBD from black leather with the famous 5 number stamped on the skin but, above all, they highlighted the jackets. Adjusted at the waist, with sleeves or long short, collar or buttons XXL, denim embroidery, embossing or glitter effect, just as GAMETATE said.

The lifetime tailleurs is declining in Fuchsia and magenta, brightly patterned tartan and houndstooth. Suits with Mandarin collar and long sleeves were opened at the sides to allow that it ran the air. Also saw some touches of lace and transparencies.

On some bags and shoes, touches of involving they transformed them into unique items. Interesting and very commented booties type shoe salon with eights in beige, black or grey socks, which are beginning to call “shocks” – an acronym for “shoes” and “socks”.

They are also worthy of mention backpacks, that increasingly are associated more with accessories signed by Chanel, while still adding the fun points and original clutchs in Lego form. Available and different colors, and in a lovely version on gradient.

The trend for the summer season tends to combine flowers in grey or black. The colour palette is made up of all the neutral shades of white and black, the light pink and Fuchsia, electric blue and red, and the metallic silver colour.

Clutchs and pochettes Blue and green electrical or metallic colours with rectangular handles, bear hand or upholstered in tweed pink and white lead shoulder; bags with long strap and metal embossing on the front logo, perfect for storing your mobile phone and our lips bar.

There were two things that, if I could, bought me them. The swimsuit with retro which was watching closely María Leon, who let me RAID it to make a photo thanks Maria!, and a Sandals absolutely flats adorned by a string of pearls.

Before dismissing me, Assunta and Diana Fenouil invited me to visit the last space of the parcours. In a completely white room, thanks to an electrical installation of the more sophisticated, they had managed to recreate a magical space that to immerse yourself in it, you gravitate to as if you were in the very same moon.

A spectacular way to present the new collection of watches J12 Moonphase of the firm, which we have already spoken in another entry in early October. The shadows and the caustic reflected on the wall with all the colors of the Rainbow were a very special beauty.

In summary, Chanel seems to have fun playing with their classic: frayed Tweed, cut his famous tailleur sleeves, collars of pearls XXL with a touch of punk, Arty brush strokes or much bling bling bags.

To you What did you think? It amuses you that Lagerfeld has decided to not take things too seriously or you prefer Chanel’s life?