Preserve Today, Fish Tomorrow! -How to Practice Sport Fishing

In this post we will talk about preservation, is a theme a bit boring for the laity and fishermen who live this sport we love so much, but I’ve been aware of the importance of the fishermen friends you theme:

In the practice of catch-and-release or sport fishing, we have several advantages and curiosities that I’ll address here.
In this mode the fish has a new chance at life, taking the necessary precautions, our catches can live again for a long time, reproducing and creating new specimens that breed in the future and give rise to more fish and… so on…, here it is worth mentioning that some species of fish can exceed 100 years of age, imagine how much these animals breed and will raise the new fish!

With the catch-and-release we helped with the environmental balance in this way, the predator-prey relationship stays the same, without the imbalance of some sort.
One of the greatest examples of preservation of fish fauna preserved in our continent is Argentina, years ago in a region known as “Corrientes” in Argentina, was declared protected, and 20% of the region’s economy is based on tourism back to sport fishing, we know that Argentina is a country that competes equally to Brazil with the economy, and our “Hermanos” can give us a lesson in preservation even being an emerging country, and our country is surrounded by riches in species of fish, just to get a sense of the variety, only in the Amazon basin there are more species of fish in the Atlantic Ocean.
How to preserve?
Many people say to practice sport fishing, but are actually practicing predatory fishing, many preach that we should do, but how to do?
For a healthy fishing we have to pay attention to a few details:
Remember that Fish breathe through the water, not air.
Their bodies do not support certain temperatures, their bodies are wet, joining all of this, we should avoid putting the fish out of water for too long, make an experience, see how long you can hold your breath, and now see how long your Fish is out of the water, think about how much he suffers, be brief with the animal out of the water, get your pictures and weigh and put back in the water If we delay too much, he gets stressed out and dies.

Avoid placing the fish in dry rooms.
The ground or boat, these places heat up and remove the lining of the body of the fish.
Use hooks without splinter.
They don’t hurt the fish at the time of the strike and in time to pull it off, it will be easy, since you won’t have Slingshot having resistance in the flesh of the fish.

Use the pliers to containment properly
Some people may use it improperly and hurt the fish’s mouth, using the wrong way, the fish’s mouth is seriously damaged.

Always hold the fish horizontally
If we put the fish’s body vertically, alter the gravitational field of the fish, it’s almost as if we put upside down in zero gravity (since the body of the fish is used to float a force called buoyancy) and if we put the fish vertically, your organs will down, at the risk of the animal suffer a serious internal bleeding.

Use balanced equipment with the weight of your fish
Use a very light stuff, to catch fish too heavy, the animal may suffer a lethal discharge of adrenaline, causing them to have a great immune deficiency, or die from exhaustion.

But the proof of the catch?
Even today, we know the famous story of a fisherman “who are counted by us and people end up doubting, but with the advancement of technology, today we have tape measures, high-resolution Cameras in your own cell phone, social networks, share the real photo of your trophy.
you do not have to release all the fish, I love beef of fish, is one of the healthiest foods that exist, if you want to take a copy to eat, take whatever you eat, take how much your family eats, don’t kill for sport fish, and comply with the measures that were proposed in the country.

Doing this practice, we will help our fish fauna to recover.
release this today.

to catch this tomorrow!