Preview: The technology Highlights 2013

Smartphones: duel with high resolution
At the smartphone, the duel between the iphone and android devices continues. Windows phone is attempting to enlarge its share of the pie. While 2013, apple expects iphone 5 S is are some android users on version 5 of the OS code named key lime pie and the galaxy S4 by samsung offers.

2013 is also the year of the superphones: From almost any vendor experts expect a smartphone with a five-inch display and a full-HD resolution as well as lots of computing power. Samsung is in addition to the mass production of unbreakable and flexible touch screens start.

Tablets: More than just product care?

The tegra-4 chipset from NVIDIA announced for 2013 should make for lots of new tablets with more computing power. In addition, the resolution becomes an important criterion. Apple a retina-version of the ipad mini is considered to be used. Samsung seems to want to beat the retina-resolution of the ipad, what with the ipad apple still could counter 5. Microsoft continues to focus on its surface series, asus has the third edition of his tablet smartphone mix padfone announced.

The new tablets for 2013

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Game consoles: The next generation is long overdue

Nintendo wii brought U in time for christmas sales on the market and presented at the same time mini a cheap wii, which could come 2013 also to germany. Sony and microsoft expect all the playstation 4 and xbox 720. For an advertisement, for example the E3 show would offered in june. The launch could be right in front of the christmas business. In addition the successful kickstarter project quya must prove how well its cheap android console really is.

The new consoles for 2013

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TV: 4 k-resolution, OLED, and apple

While german TV viewers, if they can watch TV in HD resolution, the manufacturers of TV sets are already on. The well known TV brands bring next year 4 k-models on the market. The TV with the mentioned also the ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels are still outrageously expensive to introduce.

If the OLED TV planned for 2012 come in 2013, has been the focus on 4 k in limbo. The manufacturers promise more high resolution and could create the OLED project on ice. Whether the persistent rumors of a TV set by apple 2013 actually lead to real devices or whether perhaps microsoft is entering the market the next few months it will show.

New TV 2013

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PC hardware: Sharper, faster and more energy efficient

Windows 8 provided just loads of fresh notebooks and pcs deliver intel but also in 2013 , AMD and co. Many reasons for new equipment models. Intel’s new processor generation HASWELL to work more efficiently, NVIDIA and AMD promises better graphics performance. Also left its mark pass the progress made with regard to the display on PC hardware: Macbook air rumored receives a retina display, sharp offers its energy-saving IGZO technology for LCD panel PC suitable for size and the 4 k-resolution could even when ultrabooks get.

The new PC hardware 2013

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Photo: Android and new SLR cameras

Move in the photo area of classic digital cameras and smartphones unless more closely together , them to communicate with each other via wi-fi, the cameras go directly online or on their cameras install other manufacturer android next to samsung the galaxy camera with nikon. Android SLR would but still a big surprise.

The new cameras 2013

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