Products to Steal the Look of Demi Lovato

The 58th Edition of the Grammy Awards, an event that puts music in focus during the awards season, not only gathered artists, but also looks red carpet that deserve our attention.

Among several Visual night, 2 looks very amazing called attention and can be easily copied with the right products. If you’re tempted with the idea of stealing the look that the famous use in the awards can only check these tips!

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato, who attended the tribute to Lionel Richie, appeared with the famous “make pretty” at the awards. The visual highlights natural eyebrows marked, which can be easily achieved with an eyebrow mousse, as Just Browsing Brush-On Styling Mousse, Clinique, and on the eyelashes should be left mask to volume, such as the BEAUTYCOLOR. The skin must be prepared with a BB Cream light and quite enlightening in key points of the face, look that can be copied with the BB Cream Météorites Baby Glow, Guerlain and the Illuminator L.A. Lights, Smashbox.

Long hair with volume at the ends and at the root can be done with a powder for volume, such as theSuper Dust,L ‘ Oréal Professionnel.

Selena Gomez
The traditional smoky look has been replaced by a geometric smudges on the look with sexy footprint of Selena Gomez, one of the presenters of the night. To get this look, nothing better than a good shadow palette, like the Full Exposure Paletteof Smashbox, and a pencil with outlined need, as the Skinny Stick, Clinique. A nude lipstick, like Merlot, of BEAUTYCOLOR, and a bronzer, like Phyto Touche Illusion Of Iste, The Sisley.

The wave stripped the hair are perfect when made with a beach spray such as Spray to Porter,the load out with Kerastase.