Proenza Schouler Fall-Winter: Asian Fashion New York Style

The collections of Proenza Schouler they are the most eagerly awaited in the New York fashion week. And I think that it is clear why. For your collection autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 Lazarus and Jack continue with the influence of his trip to Nepal that already marked its collection Pre-Fall 2012. Think in Karate, kimonos and Yoko Ono with a New York twist and you will have an idea of the collection.

The looks blank that begins the parade to give an idea of how it will be the rest: oversize jackets with double flaps, asymmetrical skirts and baggy pants gripper.

In the second instance, these pieces in white mingle with others in cream color with grey and black necks. But always influenced by the far East.

Neither Proenza Schouler boys escape from the Burgundy, covering both dresses and shirts covered by abrigos-Red in black and Join garments in leather.

The Blue and black leather It is another of the combinations that are committed Jack and Lazaro. In another part of the collection continue with oversize garments with hair-necks or t-shirts in grid you bring depth to the looks.

In the looks Orange may be where most noticeable oriental influence due to the This color with gold and black mix.

The aquamarine, one of the colors that they intend to give that talk this spring-summer also has its site next fall as boys Proenza.

A series of dresses are the last part of the parade Eastern Air prints and the same asymmetrical skirts that I have seen in the greater part of the collection.