Project Super Mommy: Treating Pregnancy Melasmas

One of my trauma in getting pregnant and I’m loading up to today are the melasmas on my face.

I’ve always had a lot of mackerel, and any Sun on his face, tripling the amount. Always I was careful, but in pregnancy of my skin has become a horror Bruna. Spotted, was red, oily, anyway. Everything a woman dislikes the most. Remember that were months trying to disguise stains giants that only a very good base, realized.

Once I stopped breastfeeding to Bruna decided to start treating stains. Were 3 months between peeling, laser and acids and I finally got a lot better. I remember how it felt good at the time, because the spots had actually messed with my self esteem. Even though I could handle, were months of pregnancy + 8 months breastfeeding without which nothing can be done according to

So I’m happy with my newly treated skin, I find out that I was pregnant with Manu! And without exaggeration, it was just a few days before the spots come back with full force. And even using blocker and caring, they’re back.

Over a long period without being able to move… pregnancy, breastfeeding and ultimately, almost 2 years. But this time without thinking about getting pregnant again, I was dealing with the “inherited” of 2 pregnancies followed.

My Derma, Dr Paul, I attached for many years so know my skin and what can be done. I have oriental skin staining easier and hard to heal, so has the wrong treatment can make it worse.

The display so it was a process in stages. Starting with a peeling of Retinoic acid.

The peeling is super simple, is as a base we act on your face for a few hours. After a few days the skin flakes off lightly and renews itself, helping to eliminate the superficial spots and smoothing out the wrinkles.

After the skin stopped flake off, I started to use the creams handled for my skin type. It is a daily ritual but that makes a lot of difference! Is composed of a tonic (blue bottle) and this is the first step in the face after being clean. After this step the bat “Fresh Roller” only in larger spots to help lighten. Once dry step a CC Cream based which is wonderful! It moisturizes, protects (has 30 factor) and even gives a uniform skin texture. The times when I need a larger coverage, I mix in my base.

Alternate night between an acid that helps to lighten the skin and a nutritious to renew. In 2 weeks I’ve seen a big difference in how stains texture.

1 month after the peeling returned to the Office to do the laser. This is called Alexandrite laser and is fired at each spot and not on the whole face, and was suitable for my skin type. So are several “shots” in the darker spots and in larger freckles. Not photographed the post is laser horrible! as if you had chicken pox only is a cone that already shape after the application. But the next day the redness goes away and you can use the base over normally. It pays to have a special care for the cones don’t go before you heal well. Don’t even think about passing close to the Sun during this period.

After fall down all the cones returned to use acids.

And see the difference in skin taken with the same light, in the same room, 2 months later.

Look at the size of the spots that I had on the cheeks. It was a mixture of melasma freckles. (Afe has to have the courage to show you didn’t?!) But I think it’s worth to animate who thinks there’s no way to improve! The 3 pictures I’m out make and no effects in the picture!

The laser took the darker and made the feeling of a huge stain. Looks good now that will improve with the acids. I’m going to do one more application of laser but I’ll wait to get back to the beach in January not to stain more.

The importance of this treatment is huge for me. Always took care of a lot, and of course the maternity leaves our vanity a little aside. But the skin of the face of fact bothered me. Had to leave full of makeup and still didn’t cover the stains.

I haven’t finished the treatment but I can say that when the shells fell I was super happy with the outcome.

And this picture that I’ve posted in my Instagram (@blogminhasdikas) was the next day following that fell the crab, a little more than 1 week after the laser. I was just with the CC Cream that has a soft blush color, look at the difference.

The hard who has skin with freckles and stain easily is to keep the effect of the treatments. I am a person that even using maximum factor protector and hat, just to get exposed to the Sun all of mancho.

I will still do more 1 or 2 laser sessions. But how am I going to spend a few days on the beach in January will leave for after that repair the ravages of summer!

It’s basically that the process!

So moms, stay quiet that I can to treat the melasmas gestation, but indicated it is looking for a dermatological that will analyze each case and indicate the best treatment!

Anyone who wants to contact the clinic TRE Dermatology, click HERE.

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