Push up Leggings Shaping Calzedonia

My dear friends,

now I’ve taken a liking to show my thanks, so here I am sheathed as never before when reviewing a product we all desperately need in these days of December, no ifs or buts fattening month evil: push up shaping leggings by Calzedonia.
That is clear, no outfit, that there can think of taking inspiration from my outfit from Eva Kant imbolsita!

These leggings are already there since last year but I had not yet taken because I had heard that they were very tight and I hate the feeling of constraint, but as a personal opinion it is best to try things firsthand (ahaha, you’d have thought??) I jumped in purchase and I invested 25.95 euros in this (allegedly) miracle of modeling technology.

How do they work? Are made of a thick stretch fabric both widthwise and in the length and this particular structure-stretch compression fit that allows to model affects the legs and hips evenly and simultaneously raise your buttocks.

Do they work? Are leggings not Jesus Christ, then miracles are not. If you hope to lose one size simply by wearing them you won’t be disappointed (ahem), say that they have a good restraining effect that makes the most harmonious silhouette.

Results: As you can see the effect isn’t shocking but the inner thigh appears more content, sides modeled and sit slightly higher and soda (which to be honest I don’t care less because you NEVER wear them anyway with your bottom in sight … we all know leggings are not pants, regardless of the size you wear , right?)
I was expecting a modelling effect more pronounced on the legs at the level of the thigh and knee (which was why I wanted to take) but might also depend on my body shape and size, which gave me some trouble when buying body shaping tights.

Sizing and fit: According to the tables of Calzedonia S size 38-40, 42-44 M and L 46-48, so I took an L fail but I had to exchange it for one size smaller because I had very large on the legs, especially at the level of the calf, and I couldn’t hear any restraining effect. So try them out at the store to avoid tedious changes (though you can replace it at any point of sale Calzedonia, not necessarily the one in which you’ve purchased). Fit level I must say that I find them very comfortable, do not shake at all as I had feared though when I take them off I have the marks of the seams imprinted in the legs, index that some restraint. Theoretically it should be hard to wear them (the saleswoman told me that you should feel the tissue resistance, proof of the modelling effect) but I go up easily …

This product satisfied me? Not completely, I expected a higher compression effect on the legs while these leggings Act mainly on the hips and buttocks, which however I’d cover with mesh, but obviously this is my experience and may not necessarily apply to all.

I hope this review helps and not to have exposed his butt at all ahahaha! You have them already tested? Opinions, recommendations, other brands?