Quick Actions, The “3D Android Touch” Will Disappear in The Next Build of Android N

It was nice while it lasted, but it seems that we still have to wait a little longer to have implemented in Android an alternative official to “3D Touch” of iOS. Remember that such quick action, or Launcher Shortcuts, appeared for the first time in the second preview of Android N.

And as they came, they were without even saying goodbye. Confirming rumors of a few days ago, the official list of changes in Android N informs us that the Launcher Shortcuts-related APIs they will be eliminated in the next preview of the operating system.

If you expect to see this new method of standardized and made official also on Android control, do not despair. This is probably simply things too green cleaning to deliver them with Android, which increasingly is closer to reaching a final version.

The text speaks of defer instead of deleting, so it is clear that it will end up coming sooner or later, probably in an update to the system later. Normal would be leaving the API so that developers can go playing with it, but Google will have its reasons or perhaps they were not satisfied with the result and have decided to redo it from scratch.