Racing Rolex Daytona

From zero to one hundred-so it says Cosmograph Daytona not only in racing but also for the Rolex. At the beginning of the model could establish hard, she is now a cult classic. At the beginning, the clock however is “Cosmograph” nor “Daytona”.However, the term Cosmograph is registered since 1953 for Rolex. Simply called “Chronograph” the clocks first according to dial, for little more than $200, they are sold at the beginning of the 1960s. The reference 6234 was built between 1955 and 1961, per year, about 500 watches of this type leave the production of Rolex. A particular success is not the clock – at dealerships, the watches evolve into true grandfather clocks. Today, the models referred to pre-Daytona are sought after and rare – 20,000 euro are only a starting price in one of the rare models with silver or black dial in a stainless steel housing.

Le Mans instead of Daytona

Time measurement and racing are located together near years in the 1960s. Rolex, which above all has so the timing for different races, the prestigious 24-hour race. It seems to be safe, to equip Le Mans with watches and timekeeping technology in 1964 and designed so a chronograph with the name of Le Mans. Nothing is however out of the deal. Until 1965, the clock is called Cosmograph, in the same year, also Daytona occurs officially as the label. There, the clock as a victory bonus is awarded. The chronograph measures up to 12 hours periods, the stainless steel case is clearly readable. The tachymeter scale on the engraved steel bezel enables the determination of average speed on a reference track. With the reference 6239, then even the most prominent institution finds to his Rolex Daytona: Paul Newman. The American actor with the steel-blue eyes is also racing – quickly and successfully. At his peak, he owns his own racing team, on the arm, a Rolex Daytona accompanied him here since the late of 60s. For collectors, a real Newman Daytona is a winning the lottery: a watch on auctions can achieve up to 100,000 euros. There are glaring differences – not all Daytona is a Paul Newman.

The original Newman Watch has a White Dial with black chronograph Subdials, red stop second division as well as an engraved tachymeter bezel in steel. The increase in value is enormous in this particular model. At the end of the 80s were auctioned copies already for 3 to 4,000 euros, a tenfold increase of the original purchase price. In the 1990s, already on 20,000 to 30,000 dollars, prices for authentic Paul by Newman models: an investment scam not even offers a better return.

Eyes on counterfeiting

Many fake watches in circulation are as highly-rated model. A Paul Newman is quick from a standard Daytona with a new dial, it is assumed that more part of counterfeits as originals in circulation are. All watches are also often not original but made of various items as marriage. The used Valjoux works facilitate counterfeiting and in nameless chronograph for a few 100 euros. Items such as the housing be reproduced in nearly equivalent execution, as well as tapes and other items.

As drive on all classic Daytona models with manual winding the Valjoux calibre 72 in different versions be used. 1988 Rolex makes the automatic watch the Cosmograph Daytona. The developers in the choice of movement in a third-party rack and choose the El Primero from zenith. The work is highly precise and functional, for Zenith, it is a milestone to date. With 36,000 VPH, it is temperamental – Rolex’s revised accordingly and called caliber 4030. A reduction in the frequency of 28,800 A / h ensures longer duration and longer service intervals – loss of precision can be achieved no. The bi-colour models from the late 80s are preferred on the used market: from about 6,000 euros, the clocks change hands. The steel models are more expensive, they are in good condition from 7,000 euros to buy. Applies also here: buy with our eyes open, best at the prestigious jewelry store or auction house. Although papers and box are value increase, but not a criterion for the authenticity of a clock. Also this accessory is expertly faked.

Manufacture factory

As a luxury watch defined by localtimezone, Rolex sets new standards and is unveiling the Cosmograph Daytona caliber 4130. with an in-house movement, 44 jewels, 72 hours autonomy and the Rolex typical Kif shock fuses characterized the work for balance and the escapement wheel. Outside the Exchange’s hardly noticeable: the housing is similar to its predecessor, only the dial has changed-second glance. Had features with Zenith factory small seconds on the nine, the Daytona Rolex’s own calibre the running seconds at six o’clock. Also, the hand axes of minutes – and Stundenstopper outside the central axis in the upper area of the dial. A vertical coupling-clutch allows a smooth start of the second hand of the eternal classic.