Rapidshare Will Delete Excess Files From Free Users

For some time the Rapidshare file storage service has been abandoned by its users. The main reasons were the download speed problems and changes in privacy policy, both applied after the fall of Megaupload in early 2012. Now the service could have dug his own grave: Rapidshare will delete free user data.

In the past, Rapidshare’s business model included offer infinite storage for free service users. But from April 3, which was unlimited to have 5GB limit. If a user has more than 5 GB in your account later that day, the files will be deleted and the data will be lost forever in the internet ether.

Rapidshare offered two options for those who do not want to lose your data: download all files or pay a monthly fee that includes the amount of stored data. The problem with the first option is to limit download daily, which is 5 GB. Who choose the second option, pay for the plans, you can purchase 250 GB of storage for $ 10 per month.

Therefore, anyone who has more than 75 GB stored in the service and do not want to pay, you lose all data that does not get out of there. But with the amount of hits that the site lost in recent months and the constant changes (bad) made by its officers, I do not expect any non-paying user has taken the trouble to upload 75GB of files.