Red Nails of Olivia Palermo!

It’s not Nail Polish (fifth), but is much better! Was doing a super post of Olivia Palermo’s style when I realized the Public Relations, fashion icon and chosen as the couple of the year alongside Johanes only uses red Nail Polish!

After reviewing some 200 pictures since 2008, confirmed that she always has her nails painted red, like a registered trademark of young lady! In all photos of looks, with zoom or no, the Red was there! Very chic!

When played on Google to find out what was the favorite tone Olivia P. I realized that is pretty much a mystery and she didn’t give up the color because your trademark considered Yes! Anyway, I tried a lot and after 10th page I started getting results! I found 3 colors that already stated using:

His favorite is the Lollipop of Essie, is vibrant and stylish! I confess that I heard pouquissímo about the Butter London, but Blowing Raspberries is a red more closed, pulled pro wine. And the version of O.P.I. is the most fun of red, I thought flees from the conventional and never goes out of style!

Now we just need to find the national equivalent, any ideas?

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