Red Underpants

In some countries of Latin America and Spain all we know that according to tradition we must celebrate the last night of the year wearing Red underwear to receive the new year and dismiss that ends. They say that this color attracts the luck, love and passion.

Perhaps because we feel that it is necessary to do everything possible to start and continue a good year or take advantage of those moments in life in which ridicule (always with humor and is generally better) is not only allowed but that is almost a popular or family obligation or whatever you want.

So accustomed are we to that take jobs red underpants, it doesn’t matter if you are a boxer sports, a sexy thong or more sober throughout the store model, but resist ritual is virtually impossible.

Of course this ritual is always accompanied by other also very popular, including the twelve grapes or go out to take turns with a suitcase, eating lentils or give hugs of congratulations as a prerequisite for entering the new year with good foot. Some of which we don’t have no idea of that “they say” they are but just in case… in addition, let us not forget that most are with the mobile to ful greetings, hugs, jokes and more myths that meet (there’s always one that did not know or had forgotten).

The point is that all these rituals accompany us and fun every end of the year. Everyone has his tricks to make everything that is proposed, but let’s not forget that if we get the more funky red underpants, the suspensory mansexiest or a sensual thong, the important thing is to start the year with joy and best purposes.