Rejuvenate Garden Furniture

Resin garden furniture, wooden garden furniture, furniture garden PVC… The refurbishment depends on the material of your garden furniture. Discover the right moves and the right products to bring back them!

Even if the color wheels are fashionable, it would be a shame to paint your chairs, chairs or garden table in exotic wood (see Dictfurniture)! Very resistant to moisture, these wood damage little: they just grey. No other signs of aging, even if they have spent months in the rain! Unless this grayish color you like it, you can easily find the color honey of origin. If the wood has already been oiled but has never or rarely been maintained and is in need of a renovation complete, start with him degreese because it is the oil that it was coated which darkens under the action of UV and weather… And some oil (plant including) blacken more than others! If the furniture has never been oiled, but it is just grey without black streaks, you will need to only one product to clean: no deoiling, you go so directly to the precise stage to perform with a big wet sponge, a nylon brush or a simple cloth depending on the product and the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Your wood is so cleaned to background, déshuilé and sobered up: let it dry for 24 hours at least, the ideal being two or three days! If there are black streaks, it’s time to rectify the scouring pad or the knife. Don’t hesitate to scrape to remove past dirt, but avoid sanding that ‘ice’ wood and then prevents the oil to penetrate well. You can then oil with a brush or a wick of cotton, depending on the product, and always in the direction of the wood grain. Finish by polishing with a soft cloth to give it a satin appearance.