Restaurants Lighting Warm and Intimate Terraces

3 ideas to illuminate the terrace of a restaurant.

Restaurants Lighting Warm and Intimate Terraces

To illuminate the terrace of a restaurant must take into account the image want to transmit to the future diner and it is essential that you can design the lighting depending on the use and the feeling you want to have your customers experience.

Plan outdoor lighting as you design the distribution of the terrace or garden, then in many cases the terrace of the restaurant is the first impression that the customer will have is that if you forget to plan well the lighting of the terrace there is a very high probability of incurring additional costs because you will have to undo what has been done (e.g. (: it is very common to forget about the points of light which means having to do new works, pass a new installation, paint, finishes, along with the general discontent…).

Restaurants Lighting Warm and Intimate Terraces 3

In previous posts you talk about how illuminating a restaurant to attract the attention of customers, and you have explained how illuminating the restaurant of a hotel in an efficient way, today we will give you 3 practical ideas that will allow you to light up the terrace of the restaurant more intimate and warm with:

  • Lightweight and economical, lighting systems
  • outdoor lamps,
  • specific designs for porches.

If you intend to create an warm and relaxed environment you can use a simple sealed Garland of lights suspended from the pergola, or else display lamps suitable for exterior, as for example the lamp Flos May-Day or the Carpyen Sasha. In both cases, you will be creating an ambient lighting at the same time reflecting enough light on the tables.

Restaurants Lighting Warm and Intimate Terraces 2

To further enhance the space and create a comfortable atmosphere, you can illuminate the terrace by placing decorative exterior floor lamps. You will get a particular decoration and especially warm lighting. We propose models as the TXL of Marset, the Maxi Out of Bover, or Flos Ktribe Outdoor lamp. These lamps are designed for outdoor use and are unique designs that will bring prestige to the terrace.

When what you want is illuminating pergolas or umbrellas, you can use structures themselves to incorporate led with warm lighting systems. We advise not to simply install led lines, since despite being prepared for outside, not they will offer you a warm and attractive image. Choose well the diffusers, optical and shades of light. Today there are systems prepared with led illumination built-in pergolas as e.g. Palo Alto, design by J.LL. Xuclà Vibia, or known sunshade of Mario Nanni for Via Bizzuno that incorporates 4 led spotlights on the inside of the umbrella allowing regular light with different optical, change the color and intensity of light.

Restaurants Lighting Warm and Intimate Terraces 1

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