Retro Music For Christmas

In this charming guest post blogger and author provides Jen Liebig, also known as Mrs. muffin, their very own Christmas hits for charming vintage Christmas before-not only just, but beautifully rhymed. Have fun with it!

Retro Music For Christmas

More beautiful for a gorgeous vintage Christmas will find in the latest issue of vintage Flâneur.

Love, pleasant-sounding Christmas time, that every person is looking forward to coming soon.

Values strollers and Flaneurinnen, sang with sound this time is a true Unterfang´, she invites you to the privacy right and lets forget all worries be us.

So I introduce 5 of sweetheart, Christmas sounds my personal top you in this article. And who knows, maybe a few of you remains also a melody in the ear.

A dream stimulates still for sale, welch and then possibly below the ´ Christmas tree.

(1) The Andrews Sisters ‘Songs Of Christmas”

I really like the classic songs and women’s groups, drum the Andrew Sisters imperative here for me. With the album “Songs for Christmas”, as BB´s of the title says, the ladies at Christmas carols have dared.

American classics such as “The Twelve Days Of Christmas” or songs like “here comes Santa Claus”, the talented ladies left nothing out.

It made really great pleasure zuzuhörn ´ and himself in this cozy time times not to disturb´n.

Drum just listen to the three ladies, bouncers with your finger, or come to the rest.

Kick-off Tip: The twelve days of Christmas

(2) Götz Alsmann And The WDR Big Band “Winter Wonderland Collection Box”

Mr Alsmann was well known to me, so I was really excited on this Christmas album. He more than faithful, something I am particularly happy was his style.

Brand new it is brought out, the collection box with “Winter Wonderland”, “winter wonder world vol. 2 “and CD with live-material in all its glory.

In beautiful Alsmann manner, it is one of the most beautiful albums here.

Interpreted it the classic “Let’s on this album be Hucky”, in the style of “Minnie The Moocher”, it’s fun, no question.

So trust me quietly, if I tell you “This album is a true blessing and will sweep the pre-Christmas stress”.

Kick-off Tip: Let us be glad and kicking

(3) Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Sammy Davis, Jr. “Christmas With The Rat Pack”

This trio is just wonderful, so I love this album. It reminds me of quiet times, tea and cookies, Oh the three for honey are what.

Their songs are well known to all of us and the best ones are captured on this album.

Well dressed are the three Lords, but their votes can do much more.

You beglückten us with songs such as “Winter Wonderland”, “The Christmas Song” and Sung much more and these songs of the three what is really here.

In this time where unfortunately everyone hurries too much and not often lingers for themselves, there is peace too rarely, drum I like to listen to this album.

Kick-off Tip: Christmas time all over the world

(4) The Overdrive Tones “Good OL´ Fashioned Christmas”

These pretty men from London here, is number four on my list.

The Doo-Wop sound the five committed to and believe me, they will love the Christmas album. The classic American and British carols have picked it out himself and peppered with the Doo-Wop sound.

“Let it snow”, to name a few “Driving home for Christmas” to name just a few, you, values strollers, will definitely know.

So give yourself yet on it, because this album is really fine.

Kick-off Tip: It BB´s the most wonderful time of the year

5) Tom Gaebel „A Swinging Christmas“

You might notice I’m swinging, but it’s just a beautiful thing. It is the second Christmas album of Mr. Gaebel and it is fun to hear, which is why I can not disturb.

The mixture between quiet melodies and shitty songs is really great and the album is full.

He also uses classics such as “Sleigh Ride” and combines them with new things “Twinkle Twinkle Little Me”, which are a pleasure for the listener.

Give yourself the peace and listen to this wonderful voice.

Playful: When Your Heart is Singing

Dear Flaneurs and Flaneurs,

I took them with me in my poetry, for a little musical Christmas trip.

And wish them and their families only the best, to the coming Christmas festival.

I would like to thank you for the beautiful year, because it was just wonderful with you.

Now enjoy the time and come to rest and close your eyes to listen some songs at CANCERMATTERS.NET.