Review: HTC Windows Phone 8s Cheap, Yes, But Also Good?

HTC windows phone 8S
The HTC 8s is the windows counterpart to the android smartphone HTC desire X. Both are cheap, but not cheap work. However, the devices in the design go different ways. The 8s is based on the windows-tile-look at the housing. With 120, 5 x 63 x 10, 28 millimetres and 113 grams (including 1,700 mah battery), the 8 S 8 x is much more compact and lighter than the HTC windows phone’s big brother. Both contact via a micro-SIM in the mobile network and both run with the programmed from scratch on windows phone 8

The new windows phones from HTC


The display has a diagonal of four inches (ten centimeters) and hides under the gorilla glass 800 x 480 pixel. Upper class models and the HTC 8 X offer significantly more resolution, however, the image in the 8s is not pixelated.

HTC windows phone 8S

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The low price is noticeable in some places: So lacks a front-facing camera for video chats, and take photos of the main camera with 5 megapixels. The pixel count although not alone determines the quality, but the result of the laboratory test brings despite natural, strong colours revealed missing details. The shortcoming is evident quickly with an enlarged image section then also the color noise is obvious. The lightning, but ensures strong green-tinged images enabled in dark environments. The HTC 720 p (1280 x 720 pixels) in good quality filming videos

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Equipment and battery

The S4plus (MSM8227) is a clocked a gigahertz dual-core processor from qualcomm promises a high speed in the middle class. The pre-production model liquid responded to inputs. The memory is 500 megabytes in size, the device memory is meager four gigabytes. The slot for microsd cards creates limited remedy: Just photos, music and videos can be put on the memory card. Apps or games, some of which have a rather large footprint, found only in the built-in memory. In everyday use, the battery lasts 10 hours off.

The advantages of windows phone 8

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Poor app selection

For windows phone 8 there is so far only around 120,000 apps little compared with 700,000 to IOS or 800,000 for android devices. After all, important apps like facebook, twitter, whatsapp or the DB app can be found in the windows phone store. But popular games and other popular android and ios apps are scarce due to the previously low distribution of the windows phone devices. Microsoft is although much effort to inspire the popular apps for windows phone 8 programmers, but this effort is slow fruit.

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Conclusion: HTC windows phone 8 S

HTC 8s offers an adult smartphone at a low price. Resolution, memory and front-facing camera, HTC has saved, without that it hurts too much. The housing is well processed and sets thats colour accents, as the operating system, even more a matter of taste.

Test conclusion: What you should know

Windows phone 8 S by HTC offers an adult smartphone at a low price. Resolution, storage and front-facing camera, HTC has saved, without that it hurts too much. The housing is well processed and colour accents. (according to the test procedure until october 2014 the test score of 2.62 was) best price on the internet: 104.90 euro * per order this product at amazon quality good display high pace of work against low disk space address book access over bluetooth restricted test note of editor 3.12 satisfying user rating now write a

Alternative: HTC 8 X

HTC 8 X as big brother of the HTC 8 S has a larger display, more memory and a better camera is accordingly but also a good deal more expensive.