Review: Medion Akoya MD99170

Quick goes differently
The computing center of the medion akoya MD99170 comes from intel’s entry-level segment (core i3 3120M). The 2.5-gigahertz processor and four gigabytes of memory sufficient for office programs, internet, facebook & co. From, not part of the windows 8 notebook the quick force but. So it takes communication by smartphone works. Long in a handier format to convert about a feature film, so

Second graphics chip

The pictures of action games such as far cry 3 brings the additional graphics card NVIDIA geforce GT 635 M on the screen. Which is fast, but not fast enough to send jason so rapidly across the screen game hero ran directx 10 games on average with liquid 32 frames per second while the akoya directx 11 games with an average of 20 frames per second went into a halt. You want a smooth playback, you should decrease as the filter for improved display of surfaces (anisotropic filtering) or turn off. The test criteria, see the article COMPUTER determined image the game tempo.

Medion akoya MD99170

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Incorrect colour rendering

The (39.6 cm) is a non-coated anti-reflective 15.6-inch display with a standard resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels with falsified colours presented photos, videos and games. The brightness fades rapidly side looking at. After all, the display offers a very high contrast and important needs just 5.3 milliseconds for a change of image for a smear-free playback of movies and games. A larger screen docks easily analog via VGA, digital via HDMI. Is now standard in the notebook market.

Large memory

Whether the akoya is large enough on the hard disk with rich 932 gigabytes of memory games, programs, or photos. This is not self-evident in this price class. A slot for the retrofitting of ssds with mini-PCI-express connector sits on the bottom of the MD99170. With the exception of blu-rays, reads and writes all common silver discs the optical drive. The akoya has a card reader for memory cards types microstick and secure digital (SD). Two of the four USB connectors come with USB 3.0 technology. Bluetooth are 4.0 and fast wi-fi on board.

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Squire battery life

Word, excel or surf the internet the battery for a ride ranging from hamburg to kassel (two and a half hours). Video playback via DVD drive range at least from hamburg fulda (about three hours). Other notebooks are out of continuous.

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When working the akoya remains very low (0.3 sone). Also in the play and film shows, not noise the fan, are 0.9 sone but to listen. When operating on the thighs, the akoya is not hot, no protruding edges disrupt it. With the device is 2.5 kilograms but comparatively hard.

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The medion is functional, but not a catcher. The processing is solid, even if the plastic materials used have not exactly value. It is much more stable than the medion akoya P7818, the display in the hard plastic cover is stiff. The keyboard is slightly decrepit and yielding to strong pressure, the touchpad produces loud clicking noises.

Conclusion: Medion akoya MD99170

For 499 euro, there s no really fast, but a properly-equipped notebook at aldi. Processing is fine, the disk offers much memory with 932 gigabyte. 635 M GT graphics chip can even elaborate games themselves, albeit with restrictions. This is not standard in this price range.

Pro high contrast of quick image change quiet large disk counter distorted colors not anti-reflective hard test note of the editorial 2.54 satisfying alternative: ASUS vivobook S200E.
The similarly expensive ASUS vivobook S200E two numbers with its 11.6 inch screen is smaller, but offers a touch screen that works perfectly with windows 8. It is durable, lightweight, and achieved a decent pace.