Review of the Boot Forclaz 500, from Quechua

This Review evaluated the boot Forclaz 500, a child model from Quechua. As we say at the beginning of the video review (below) we don’t evaluate boots for 3 reasons basically: first because I use children’s numbering which is hard to find and when you have some good technical requirements fall short, second because I believe that the comfort to the foot is something very personal, each foot is a foot and what is very comfortable in a person may be comfortable in other zero and end is the item strength and durability which seems to be the biggest unknown as some people consider a very sturdy model and this same model often destroys rapidly in other feet. I consider “boots” is a subject always delicate.
Note for those interested in the subject a little bit more about strength and durability of boots: there is a theory (which I’ve heard several times) that one of the reasons why you see so much detachment is due to time/place/stock and storage temperature of boots until they were sold. Between a boot be produced (is there in which part of the world she is done) and be sold, the time can last for months and months, in which she can be stored in very hot locations or with great thermal variation, which would affect the performance of the glue and tragically the squeegee blades (and each other). That would be the reason a person buys a boot model (new) that lasts years and years without taking off and someone else buys the same model theoretically new, but that was “bad” stored and after a month the glue is already dropping. Good, but that’s just a theory of course everything can also be related to how each person uses and takes care of your boot.
But what interests us here in this review is to share some of my experience with a specific boot model: the boot Forclaz 500 JR, of Quechua, which I’ve been using regularly over 2 years. You can watch the video and find more technical information and our impressions below.
This size that appears in the video and pictures is referring to child size 33, but the boot Forclaz 500 exist in the same model in adult version.
It is worth mentioning that this model has small mold so try well before buying. I had to buy my 2 sizes bigger than normal I usually wear.
The model 33 size weighs 303 grams each boot (heavy for us), namely 606 grams the couple according to the manufacturer the modelotamanho 39 weighs 850 the pair.
The boot Forclaz 500 has 2 color variations: shades of grey and Brown with green details (which I own) and shades of gray with pink accents.
Technical data disclosed by the manufacturer: Essensole Outsole TPU with reliefs of 4 mm for a good grip.
Our impression: the boot Forclaz 500 has a great traction and is super adherent to any type of terrain. Gives total security to walk in all kinds of floor, climbing rock, step in the wet, cross rivers, etc. Super positive point.
Technical data disclosed by the manufacturer: PU Cushioning throughout the long-lasting cushioning and comfort:.
Our impression: Do the basic necessary damping, but leaves something to be desired in the insole that is very simple and thin and that offers no comfort to the plant of the foot, especially for hiking. For longer treks advise the replacement for some more technical insole.
Waterproofness and breathability:
Technical data disclosed by the manufacturer: waterproof and breathable Novadry Membrane to keep your feet dry.
Our impression: A difficulty for children’s boots is to find waterproof boots. In this regard this template leaves no wish she really is waterproof. And it’s not like I can get and dripping water, it is waterproof for real, you can carry it by a river and the water and won’t get (unless you come in through the top, obviously).
However, it happened to me to lose the boot waterproofing over time, it could be “mistreatment”, extreme use, a lot of sun exposure, too many washes, anyway … I don’t know exactly what caused the loss of waterproofing, but after about 2 years of continuous use (and constant) she began to let the water in. But still I find it so good that I bought another new!
As regards the breathability she picks up the basics. The foot doesn’t get soaked as I’d be if it wasn’t breathable, but if you sweat a lot in the legs (as I sweat) so complicated want stay 100% dry. This is something personal, only other people that use this model and sweat less could they say whether she is more efficient in this regard. For me is within the acceptable.

General Opinion
For children I consider this model one of the best that can be found today in the Brazilian market, so much so that is the second boot that I have this same model. Before I wore Bull Terrier, but they are much more heavy and hard, fit better with Quechua shoes.
For adults, I know that many look the Quechua with a wry look,wondering if it really is going to hold the lock. I believe that this mistrust is not to be a particular brand of boots, with tradition”. I also thought that maybe it was going to be good enough because I wanted a sturdy boot, which hadn’t opened, not torn and not unglued. And it was precisely this that I found in these boots, more resistance than I thought.
All information from this review are just personal impressionsabout the product and do not represent absolute truths. You can buy this same product and have other impressions!
Data and information
Product: infant Boot
Model: Forclaz 500 JR
Brand: Quechua
Price: 299.99 R$ (at the Decathlon, in Feb 2016)
Origin: imported
Weight: see description above
This product was purchased in the Decathlon, store selling exclusive products of Quechua. This review is not a sponsored Post since we here our most genuine opinion about the product,without any influence of the brand. Learn more about our policies of Reviews.
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