Revlon Lipstick of Stars – Super Lustrous Lip Cube

The lip cube contains nine Revlon Super lustrous lipsticks in full size and therefore a great selection for all occasions. I bought, it due to the very different colors, including some bestsellers of the last decades for my make-up case. Super lustrous is a moisturizing lipstick with a silky creamy texture which is improved since the 40s.Revlon is known in particular for its lipsticks.

Seven of the lipsticks have a silvery lustrous Pearl finish and opaque due to their less strong pigmentation, but slightly transparent. “Love that red” and the ‘Rum Raisin’ 90s are the classic 1951 creamy shiny and intense color.

Revlon Lipstick Iced Amethyst

Amethyst iced right now among the best-selling lipstick by Revlon. It is a purple with silver undertones, which reminds of ripe berries. Very nice color.

Revlon Lipstick Coffee Bean

I can imagine these decent neutral lipstick to very different types of skin, which makes it very versatile. This medium brown shade detailed in the copper will work well for a nice day make-up.

Revlon Lipstick Blushed

Blushed is a nude beige that beautiful shine to the lips can be and looks very natural. Who is still very shy at the make-up, the wrong this exactly. The color so make-up can ensure even at a very dramatic eyes that none of it distracts.

Revlon Lipstick Soft silver Rose

Icy pink what typically is used when blondes and makes for a fresh look. Brunette’s can go down and possibly also do not fit to the skin tone.

Revlon Lipstick love That Red

Love that red is the undisputed star of the collection. The Red is not without reason since 1951 in the range, and has been copied by others and very expensive brands. This sound is an absolute must-have for every lipstick lover, because he is perfectly balanced and really, everyone is.

Revlon Lipstick blushing Mauve

A pretty and hot pink, with which you can do no wrong. A typical color for the daytime look.

Revlon Lipstick Wine with Everything

A beautiful bright and vigorous wine red, sold about 10 years on traders and since then very good. The sound suits all skin types and is suitable for everyone, right is red too loud.

Revlon Lipstick Rum Raisin

A classic from the nineties as the Browns were very popular. This reddish brown is becoming even more popular, because the color neutral, although it is very intense.

Revlon Lipstick champagne on Ice

And finally a Shimmering gold-nude tone that will be best light types, because it rather goes down with the others. However, be it too strong as well as blushed eyes makeup do not underestimate, because he can provide a nice 60s look.

Buy Revlon Lipsticks

The Revlon lipsticks are available in Thenailmythology for a super price, namely around €25. He is sent from England by a dealer, the quota is limited and always sold out. Otherwise, you get it for a significantly lower price, namely 50 dollars in duty free and on all flights to and from Asia with Lufthansa and the Star Alliance in the Board shop.