Revlon Makeup Tips

If you did not know, know that the North Americans are champions to innovate when it comes to makeup. Europe and China comes out a lot, but we owe our cheap and popular makeup to North Americans, who know how anyone launch products makeup and style. The Revlon makeup, as well as Avon, Mac and other more or less popular competitors and good quality, is the United States.

The Revlon already has many years in the market, even if it is unknown to some. It was founded in by brothers Charles and Joseph Revson. The brand hit the market in 1932, just after the big break of the 1929 Exchange and the major US depression. In existential crisis times and no money in your pocket, there is always a hint: look gorgeous help. No need to spend a million, but even raises the ego a modern look. This was what the brothers were inspired to create the Revlon.

Revlon Makeup

Why buy makeup Revlon? She’s good right? The answer is yes, and not because it is an imported makeup or because it is the United States and many consume products from there. It is because it has quality and attractive prices.

Although considered a low short mark, she is very well studied and pigmentary and follows the key market trends, so news are constants. Their lipsticks are durable and all creamy, avoiding eveito of chapped lips with prolonged use.

Revlon Makeup Products

Revlon Makeup Products

Revlon makeup of the main products are:

  • Cleansing– deep cleanses the skin, moisturizes and also removes makeup.
  • Blush– are three models, cases in black with transparent lid. There is the traditional color of apple and skin tones for those who just want to brush up boxexas.
  • Compact– basic for any kind of makeup. There are some color variants to suit the user skin tone.
  • Base– liquid or powder. All oil free, free from oils to not leave the skin greasy.
  • Primer– liquid in spray version with glass little pot that moisturizes the skin and also promotes a soft and delicate glow. Recently released a model in pen for ease of use.
  • Concealer– both in traditional shades like to create colorful effects on makeup. All in retractable format.
  • Mascara– our beloved mascara, sold by songaah in colorless tones, colorful and traditional black.
  • Eyeliner– in addition to the traditional pencil model (the brand also sells mechanical pencil), there is still colored in pen, retractable, liquid and the newest liner gel. All long term and well pigmented.
  • Shadow– this is one of the items that most lack in variety of product. Revlon sells only four colors for shadow kit, all in black plastic with transparent cover. They are long lasting, averaging setting of 16 hours maximum in the hands.
  • Lipstick– stick or model gloss, to make the most hydrated and fuller lips. There eyeliners lip in line to the mouth following the brand colors. The palette of colors of lipstick brand has more than 100 colors, great variation. New collections come out every year.
  • Enamels– besides selling traditional glazes dyeing, there is the line treatment with moisturizers to strengthen and help nail to keep safe and shiny. The Revlon is based enamel and others only in order to moisturize while preparing the nail for the common enameling.
  • Brush to makeup– there are both set as the selling unit, the animals and the possibility of long-term if they are well washed and maintained.

Revlon Makeup Products Prices

Prices makeup Revlon. If a recent release, is a little more expensive. Shadows cost on average $ 60 and lipsticks 35, not much more than that. Already cosmetic removers R $ 30 for a 200ml glass, considered a great price compared to competition.

Revlon Makeup Products Shopping

In addition to the main shops of your city industry, the brand is present in our site.