Richard Yu Says That Direct Competition from Huawei Is Samsung, Not Xiaomi

Chinese manufacturers are livening up us the beginning of 2015, and it seems that all of them want to keep very active looking for place in pole position of the novelties of the market.

Huawei, accompanied by its spinoff Honor, is one of the firms that is more giving than talk, and rumors of his performances at the Mobile World Congress 2015 we must now add the ambitious statements of Richard Yu, own CEO of Huawei, He has said that his company does not fear local competition from manufacturers such as Xiaomi, and that his rival in the mobile sector is Samsung.

With a growth of around 30% in 2014, it is true that Huawei has reason to smile, though also Xiaomi grows meteoricamente in their race to become the largest manufacturer of smartphones worldwide, Throne which occupies a Samsung which Huawei aims directly.

However, it seems that from the direction of Huawei valued the market at international level, and for this reason that Richard Yu are allowed to assert that their competition is the giant Korean, on the basis that Huawei is now present in all the major markets of the world, and its current growth capacity is much higher.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi and other manufacturers that are very important in the difficult Chinese market, still have could not find jump to distribute terminals globally, which still have them land to go and limited ability of sales and growth.

We will see If Huawei is who’s approaching the hitherto all-powerful Samsung, you are watching as their dominant position has peaked and begins to give step-by-step market share, although at the moment is it not threatened.