RIM Promises to Launch Seven New Models Within Little

The annual meeting of shareholders of Research In Motion was carried out and news and reports that in reality do not interest us much, there was one that if caught our attention. Canadians will launch to the market at least seven different models of BlackBerries in the coming months.

Co-CEO Jim Balsillie said that units with a rapid succession is come i.e. at a pace faster than normal. It may be an attempt to aim to raise its market share to something, but I think that is like shooting at several fronts at the same time, can not see anything effective embark on aim on many fronts at the same time. Perhaps if they launch teams less frequently could be better targeted in promoting these.

Another thing that worried me all this ad is what the same Co-CEO told attendees of the meeting, and I quote:

If I can do something so they can sleep calmer at night, I will do it.

Usually when starts to talk in this way reassuring is that something strong is about to occur, is not by throw bad milk to RIM, but lately its environment is very turbulent and whether to improve or to worsen anyway they must go through the storm, it is the only way in which can “renew itself or die”.

Unfortunately did not give details on the models that would be, but we know that they have a complete upgrade of the range in the oven, but what really interests us is to present something new and fresh to the market, such as the appearance of the System QNX in Smartphones.