Rolex Oyster Perpetual Deep Sea: Rolex Dive Watch

This diver’s watch by Rolex is suitable even for professionals. Links: the Rolex deep sea with “D-blue” Zifferbaltt. Right: the Rolex deep sea with classic black dial.

Security and reliability have highest priority in deep sea diving. Therefore, Rolex Oyster Perpetual deep sea was developed for the diver’s Watch 2008 to market a waterproof to extreme depths and pressure-proof housing. Since 2014 the model with two different dial colors available at

3900 meter: in this depth a diver with the Rolex could dive Oyster Perpetual deep sea wrist, without that the movement is in danger, full walk with water or deformed by excessive submarine force to be. Because at a depth of 3900 meters, the force is exerted on the watch glass of around three tonnes. Even if it should go a few meters deeper, the extremely rugged divers Rolex survives the trip to the sea. The reason: The housing is designed that there is still an additional safety margin of 25 percent.

Rolex Deep Sea: waterproof up to 3900 meters

To test water resistance and pressure resistance, each Rolex deep sea in a specially developed pressure container is tested and only then goes on sale. The Rolex deep sea is easily thanks to their patented Ring lock system these tests. The system is based on the combination of three elements: first, a ring made of stainless steel, which alone takes up the water pressure is between Crystal and Case back. Secondly, the 5 mm thick Sapphire Crystal is slightly curved, and thirdly, the bottom thanks to a screw retaining ring firmly concludes with the inner ring. The “safety-icing-on-the i” is the Trip lock winding Crown, which is equipped with three seals.

44 mm Wide Housing

In addition, the dive Watch Rolex deep sea has a helium valve, a gas can escape through the diving. The valve is located on the 44 mm case made of stainless steel 904L. Thanks to the pure size of housing, also the dial is great, what facilitates the readability. the small date window of the Rolex deep sea is located at the three o’clock position.

Ceramic Bezel

The indexes and hands of the Rolex deep sea are coated with a blue, night-luminous markers. On the bezel, a capsule containing markers is also to find, so that even in low-light environments, the readability is guaranteed. The bezel itself is made from Cerachrom, a special, scratch-resistant ceramic. The bezel is rotatable and fitted with a 60-minute graduation in one direction. Due to the jagged edge of the exterior, it is particularly easy to grip.

Dive Watch Rolex with “D-blue” Dial

The dial of the Rolex deep sea is either in black held – and available since 2014 with a gradient from dark blue to black. This new dial optics named Rolex on the name “D-blue”. The gradient is said to recall the twilight zone of the oceans and also is a tribute to James Cameron’s expedition “Deep sea Challenge” in 2012, which was sponsored by Rolex and national geographic. The lettering “Deep sea” about the six o’clock position is held in the D-blue version in light green – the color of the diving by Cameron.

Rolex Deep Sea: Model for Professionals

In the case of the watch is a self-winding caliber 3135. It is certified as a chronometer. The bracelet of the Rolex deep sea is an Oyster Bracelet with safety clasp and a double system to strap extension. The bracelet can be extended without the use of tools by up to 26 mm and be worn also over an up to seven millimetres thick wet suit. While the dive watch Rolex Submarinerrather a watch for hobby divers, is the Rolex deep sea model for professionals.