Rumor of the Day: Google is Testing Helpouts, E-commerce Platform Based on Hangouts

It seems to come more from the new Google there. This, is related to e-commerce and revenge, will help a lot of people making money without leaving home. It is the Helpouts, a version of Hangouts that will allow users to provide services and make salesusing it as a means of communication with customers.

A lot of people already use Hangouts to hold meetings without taking transit or plane – including here in TB is the chosen tool. But the idea of Helpouts is a little more complete.

How is geared for trade, it will feature user profiles, where sellers can display their reputation and manage payments and customers will have a tool search “robust” which lets you find what you seek in the marketplace, according to TechCrunch, which He discovered the story.

The marketplace will have several service areas: computers, education, food, health, hobbies, technical support and “other”. If your mind went straight to pornography in the latter category, that is to say that the news does not mention what will be the control of this, nor will there be one.

For the description, Helpouts is not so new; There are several similar services out there that allow contracts to be signed between residents of different parts of the world – for example, you can learn English with an American, with him at his house in the US and you in yours, in Brazil.

The main advantage of Helpouts seems to be the concentration of all in one site only: contacts, transactions and service delivery. And, as probably everyone who has Gmail also automatically have an account on Helpouts, there is a lot of potential.

The Helpouts can also be quite interesting for Google itself make money from ads. Companies can, for example, offer free services to become known among users. And who knows, Google stay with a parcelinha of all transactions made.

To make the tests, which are taking place since June, some partnerships with American companies in various areas were made as One Medical Group, Sears and Weight Watchers. Until the release, known instructors of yoga and fitness should also participate.

The development was a great inner secret, known only skin directly involved staff of 12 people. Well, so far. The service may be launched as early as next month.