Running in The Netherlands

Humanity probably its existence depends on the fact that we can run. Man is certainly not the fastest animal on the planet, but has a good staying power. The first humans in Africa could drive such as days to catch their prey.Through the days to hunt prey on humans can impoverish the animal. Running in the roots of humanity is also clear from the current events now.

Running in the Netherlands

The most sports activities are pursued in the Netherlands is started. It is a form of athletics and can be recreational or competitive. About one in five people will sometimes run in the Netherlands. The 100 metres is suitable for almost anyone can go. Running makes you build muscle and improve fitness. Many people also feel better mentally if they are running. The goal of many runners is to eventually become a time to complete the marathon. It’s a fun activity to discover your physical border or as a social activity in a group.


There is a group of runners who like fast walking on natural surfaces and other couples prefer to go on the hard artificial surface. For both types of surfaces invents different reasons to go out running.Let’s go through the different types of card surface.
Natural surface
Natural soil is sand, grass and mud. The different types of natural surfaces have the advantage that they are soft. A smooth surface provides less resistance to the bones and muscles. The surface is dwindling, so to speak, if you are running. It is also nice that when you run in a natural environment.You are, so to speak, at one with nature. This ensures that running is still fascinating. The downside is that you can drive early or get stuck in the mud for example. So it is prudent when you go running on soft surfaces. You obviously don’t want to fall and cause a nasty injury. Natural soil are perfect to go on as long as you are good to keep an eye out for any obstacles.
Artificial surfaces
In the artificial surfaces are asphalt and concrete, such as a running track. The major advantage of this type of substrate is that often it is nice and level. This ensures that you are not easy to stumble. Asphalt, however, has as a disadvantage that there is a hard surface. These finishes give a little extra stress on the muscles and bones. Especially a sidewalk is worse for the joints. It is better to run on a cycle track or road, if possible, of course. If you are in the dark makes driving then you are clearly visible. This can be done through a reflective jacket or a light attached to your shirt. Great technique and shoes are a prerequisite for running on artificial surfaces. With good shoes and running technique, you can take some of the stress on the joints and muscles. The track has a somewhat softer surface and therefore better for joints and muscles than asphalt. The downside of a running track which you can see less of an environment. A good preparation is essential to driving fun on an artificial surface, such as asphalt and concrete.

Tips for beginner runners

  • Buy good running water bottle. Good water bottles are needed to be BPA free. See water bottle store:
  • Try to find people with similar stamina. Jointly run motivate each other and you can PEP up if needed.
  • People over 40 would be wise to request a physical certificate. If you have the whole exercise will be some need to see it, or running is a sensible business. Perhaps swimwear or go more in the physical at the time of the inspection.
  • It is important to make a heating and cooling. In the beginning, five minutes stretching enough.
  • Ease of building condition. This is to prevent nasty injuries. The first few weeks/months are dedicated to building State. In the beginning they will progress be greatest.
  • Select a beginner’s schedule that is within your capabilities. Objectives justify the choice.
  • Get enough fluid intake when you run!
  • Good food and drinks makes it easier to reach your goal.
  • A heart rate monitor is a handy tool to monitor your heart rate.
  • Make sure you visible in the dark.
  • Running technique is important to not force you joints too much.
  • Try to keep a log of your results. Here you can see what is right or wrong.
  • A beautiful environment can motivate you to continue operation


The race covers a distance of 42 kilometers and 149 meters. It is a great challenge to complete this physical departure. Good preparation is essential in order to achieve this goal. The body is after the completion of the challenge of time needed to recover A marathon walk, so not every day.
A marathon is not for everyone. Because you must be in good condition you will deliver on this. One piece of advice is to start with a half-marathon. You build your condition with them and so can your body get used to run over a large distance. Rotterdam Marathon and marathons in Amsterdam is by far the most famous Marathon in the country.

Top speed

The fastest man on Earth in 2015, Usain Bolt. This guy runs the 100 meters 9.58 seconds. It is approximately 38 km/h. It is assumed that people in the future through improved exercises is still a great deal to run faster. Training on one leg will contribute to muscle development. It is important that you both legs since the train, otherwise a leg much stronger than the other. So first the right leg, then the left leg. When good practice each leg separately, the speed limit to 65 km/h scientifically than true. However, it is doubtful whether people deadline knows how to get out themselves.