Same Dress, Different Looks

Christmas is here and with it come multiple events, dinner of company, family and friends and, no doubt, you will want to be radiant in all. Peace of mind! At Cosmopolitan we have the solution.

We have chosen a flattering super blue dress Klein to create three entirely different looks valid to any of the events you have during this holiday season.
Don’t be afraid to mix: play, changes and combines accessories for always perfect results the key is in the add-ins!

Company Dinner
As you know, in this situation you must go elegant, according to the situation, and why not? also favored to your bosses and co-workers.

But very important! Always without drawing too much attention.
Complete the dress with a few good heel shoes as these N21 blue styling of your silhouette to the maximum and a necklace XXL in shades of gold to a relentless result. Elegant and sexy in equal parts. You succeed.

Family Plan
It is the turn of the moments and family dinners on Youremailverifier will work. It is probably a more relaxed plan and, therefore, the styling must adapt to the maximum.
At this time we suggest you the same dress but combined with these shoes with heels N21 ideal midi and this bag with Olvido Madrid fan. And so not surprised you cold, you take hold of the capita of Jorge Acuña velvet.You will get a look chic lady that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Evening With Friends
Surely you have a reunion with friends and former fellow students, with which you will use to update you about your lives. All this is in the context of a fun dinner and, most likely, a long night of partying. For this reason, this look has to be more risky and, above all, the winner.
Bring an air of casual to your outfit by supplementing it with accessories rock and a perfect leather or a blazer.Without a doubt, bet on the heels of these black booties Rupert Sanderson and as a finishing touch, a gem like this of Safira with animal print clucth. You’ll be the Queen of the night.