Samsung Ative S Windows Smartphone

Android and iOS is the most popular operating systems for smartphones, while Windows OS is most commonly used on desktop and laptop computers. But at the big consumer electronics trade show IFA in Berlin have Samsung presented its new Windows 8 model, which suggests that the trend is about to change.

Samsung came out with its new mobile phone based on Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows Phone 8, which can be one of the biggest competitors to Nokia’s upcoming Windows devices.

Samsung ative S Windows smartphone

Ative S Windows smartphone

One of the first smartphones running Microsoft’s new mobile operating system is Samsung Ative S. Phone has an 4.8 inch touch screen with Super AMOLED technology and an 8MP camera.

Ative S is 8.7 mm thick and is made of aluminum, as opposed to Android devices usually are made of plastic. The device weighs only 135 g, in spite of a big screen. Under the screen there is a physical Windows button, decorated with the new Windows logo from Microsoft. The phone comes with a dual-core processor at 1, 5 GHz, 1 GB RAM and is available in two versions – 16 GB or 32 GB. There is also a microSD card slot with extra memory and NFC connection. With these specifications, Samsung’s new smartphone can become one of the best smartphones on the market. Other specifications include a 1, 9MP front camera for video calling and a Samsung battery 2300mAh.