Samsung Back to Betting on Android Tablets

Everyone already knows, it wasn’t at the Mobile World Congress that Samsung introduced its new smartphone, the Galaxy S8. But the Koreans wouldn’t let the biggest mobility event go blank-away from it. The launch in Barcelona was from Galaxy Tab S3, the brand new top line tablet with 9.7 inch screen; It’s big! Samsung’s handset has exactly the same size as its main competitor, the IPad Pro recently launched by Apple.

Samsung’s new tablet seems to be the dream of all the people who work with design and illustration-they dominated the brand booth here at MWC. The S3 Tab comes with the S-pen pen that allows you to interact with the screen in a series of creative ways. We experienced and conferred the performance of the device with some drawing applications. Cool is that even if you don’t know how to draw very well you have a lot of fun with the tablet pen.

The S-Pen pen, moreover, has a lot of embedded technology: it manages to determine the pressure with which the user presses the screen and react accordingly. Interesting is that thanks to a Samsung system, it never needs to be charged: every time the user touches the stylus on the screen of S3, it carries a little bit of its battery by magnetic induction. Nice, huh?

Just like the IPad Pro, the S3 Tab also brings a keyboard to be more productive. The accessory connects to the tablet by magnets. All these resources are made possible by a fairly potent hardware. The tablet has Snapdragon processor 820, 4 giga of RAM and 32 giga Storage, which gives to expand to 256 giga with a MicroSD card. The tablet runs the Android N, the latest version of the Google operating system, and has a screen of 2048 by 1536 pixels, which gives it a 4-by-3 ratio. The S3 still has a 13-megapixel camera on the back and May 1 megapixels for selfies. What draws attention again is the robust battery with capacity of 6000 miliampere hour.

We had fun with Tab S3 here. But, as it has already become custom, there is still no details about price nor, much less, forecast of arrival in Brazil. Anyway, it’s pretty likely that he’s been put on sale shortly after the Galaxy S8, the next top-line smart phone of the company, which has launch event on March 29th in new York in the United States.