Samsung Bat Records of Investment in R &Amp; D during 2014

Samsung has never been very given to reveal their data and most important statistics, especially in what refers to sales of devices, but as the majority of companies are you obliged to disclose its financial statements each year investors.

It is not the numbers to interest us too and finances of Samsung, as this is information that will most like our fellow Engadget Mobile and El Blog Salmón, although published data from 2014 Yes fits especially stop at one of the most relevant sections, as it is the of the spending on research and development.

According to the figures published by the Korean giant, the 2014 was a year record in investment in research and development It refers to, with a huge expenditure of approximately 13,800 million dollars in r & d.

Thus, research and development has involved an investment of 7.4% of total revenues for a manufacturer like Samsung, which has registered nearly 186,000 million in tickets, and comparatively, around three times the expenditure on r & d which was created for example Apple during the same period.

Samsung is a giant and there is no blame such figures only in materials and finishes of their two latest devices star, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy S6, or in versions with curved screen “Edge”, although Obviously new designs and its construction have been able to affect significantly.

Koreans have also made a huge investment in developing their SuperAMOLED displays, as well as your Exynos chipsets with 14nm technology and new memories that also entail significant performance improvements. All of these components, praised by critics and that the Galaxy S6 has mounted proud.

No doubt a clear commitment to the evolution which has made Samsung, and although the reception of its latest terminals has been more positive, we will have to wait to see return that all this spending on innovation in sales.