Samsung Brings at Last Pay to Spain, Would Leave Root Your Mobile to Pay with It?

The payments via mobile phone they are beginning to take off, and proof of this is that, after more than one year since its launch, Samsung has brought Spain their method of payment, Samsung Pay. This payment method allows that large number of users can leave the card or cash at home and use simply your mobile.

But one thing to keep in mind: Samsung Pay It doesn’t work if your phone is rooted. This is due to that Samsung has linked its form of payment to Knox, must be that this method of security had not received enough love from the Koreans. This may open a debate among those users who like aggressive customization.

Samsung Pay and Knox: or you pay with your mobile or rooteas

Knox is one of those things that, especially in the beginning, has created problems for many users, but primarily to those who gambled by rooting their terminals to remove applications that would not used, further customize the interface or directly, to get rid of Touchwiz by installing a ROM cooked.

Over time it has improved security, but that meant that by itself already Android He put it more and more difficult, it was even more difficult to get the root access to newer phones. Luckily the developers were some method to provide us this freedom that we are always calling for.

The emergence of mobile payment methods, as Samsung Pay in this case, is very good news, because they are very easy and safest methods of pay for our purchases. So much so that even in the near future you can be cash or card at home. Although he was not too extended so far, this could change soon.

Now, it turns out that the Korean manufacturer has thought the idea of linking Samsung Pay to Knox, which will make those who are lovers of personalization, from the Cooked ROMs and Xposed modules cannot be used Pay. In fact, virtually any payment method would work, in theory, if your phone is rooted.

It might be possible to pay with your mobile even being rooted?

It would theoretically be possible, although before we must bear in mind a few things. The first of all is that when our rooteamos mobile, what we do is to modify the system folder, something that normally would not be possible because a user does not have permissions to make changes to that route.

The second thing of all is that those applications and features that have required that the device is not rooted to run seek modifications not allowed in the above system folder and find them, wouldn’t. So here the key is if there is any way that any change is detected.

In theory it would be possible to have root and circumvent the check through a module called Xposed RootCloak. This module there is an older version that redirects you to a new one that is compatible with Android Lollipop and Marshmallow, but if you have the old version you must uninstall it before installing the new.

The best way to have rooted the phone and use features that require not be root is root without modifying the system folder, and this is possible by a method called systemless root. Namely, that we will have the advantages of being root without touching the system folder, although most likely not enjoy all of the features that you enjoyable with the traditional root.

In theory, this way, we could get to having it both ways: root and Samsung Pay functional, since Knox, in your search for modifications of the system folder, you would not find anything and, therefore, there would be no reason to block this feature.

It is worth to stop rooting for using Samsung Pay?

Speaking from my personal experience, I have three mobile property, of which the two more veterans are rooted (you use in everyday life don’t need it by now), and none of the 3 are Samsung. Considering how is Touchwiz and my opinion upon his aesthetics and performance, I would not hesitate in rootearlo last time.

Samsung Pay will be extended for all Spain in a medium-term time (also depends on the facilities that put banks), so see someone paying with your mobile no is nothing strange. To lighten my pockets to let me cards and cash at home is something that I consider very positive, and that I have not entered security.

The question we should ask ourselves is: provide us more benefits, the root or? pay by mobile? I admit that I’d like to pay for my purchases with mobile, but the benefits that gives me the root today consider most important. I speak both ROM’s cooked as of modules Xposed or any other MOD.

For me not worth stop rooting, because first of all is that it is not extended enough to be something essential, and the second thing of all is that, if at any time you buy a Samsung mobile (by unlikely that is), I’d possibly of Touchwiz and several of their installed apps from factory to hit root.

But you also have to understand one thing, and is that the root is basically a hack of our mobile to take advantage of the vulnerabilities. Android fight against this and, for its part, Samsung also made by Knox. Taking this into account, as much as someone hate Samsung and its Knox, must understand that linking Pay to Knox is logical and necessary for our Security.