Samsung Galaxy Gear: More Expensive Waif

The Galaxy gear leaves much to be desired – especially with regards to battery life and notification features. And then there is the price.

As the first official photos of the Samsung Galaxy Gear on the net were circulated, there was no enthusiasm. In contrast to the cute Pebble watch, for example, the part worked just clunky, what could make even a picture on the spot of IFA visitors. Well, the Sony Smartwatch 2 is any design prize to win, but this pseudo elegant metal? I do not know. If, then, you could have used a leather-strap instead of the rubber part.

Bad wrist watch

Then the functionality. Assuming that the gear as a smart watch has been designed, it makes the easiest, what is not demanded by the device without intervention. To display the time, you must press the hardware button or upwards lead wrist than you wanted to know the time. Only that this is in practice, such as for example IGN only moderately works.

And then the battery life will be. With an ordinary wrist-watch, time to the watchmaker must maybe once every one two years to get a new battery, if it is not eh powered with solar cells. The gear must at the latest on the evening of the second day again in the cumbersome charging case.

Support for two devices

As a clock which is not necessarily to gebrauchen…hm… achso, you should share the part with his Smartphone. At the moment, the range of appropriate smartphones stupidly confined to Samsung Galaxy touch 3 and the Samsung Galaxy touch 10.1, have equipment that is not necessarily available so far probably even Samsung disciple given the current prices on the shelf. Only when a software update comes these days, other devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Samsung Galaxy S3, should the Samsung Galaxy touch 2, the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active,  etc. are supported.

So far, so bad. To connect that note 3 and note 10.1 with the gear, you must the latter put in his charge cover, then touching it with his device and, whoosh, the NFC connection is there… By the way, the Smartwatch 2 has NFC in the clock itself. But good.


It is once connected, you can with the gear take calls and make (at least!) and SMS and mails that arrive inSamsungs email, answer. For this, even speech-to-text available is s voice. NA but what is! What the South Koreans but have forgotten – receives messages man nowadays mainly on Facebook and WhatsApp, and to display, must be this but its Smartphone back from pants, jacket, bag or anywhere else out dig.Because for these services (as well as at Twitter) on the gear only appears, that a message has not arrived, what. A missed opportunity, the Facebook and WhatsApp integration would have been something really useful. There also other features like calendar, ChatOn, alarm and weather info does not make up for that.


The same applies to the 1.9 mega pixel camera that turns even HD videos. Itself a super show-stopper, but why has it the really ugly lens in the bracelet built? Would not a mini-cam on the front have been practical? I think E.g. of video calling and self-portraits… another missed chance so.

Every third returns the gear

No wonderthat the gear has the highest response rate of all Samsung products. So, it is to read , over 30% of all users in the USA – so almost every third buyer there – to return the device. The portal in the indication refers to a gel Act document that they have received. After all, the gear has a proud price of $299 or € 299 in this country. For this you get now almost the still technically strong Galaxy S3 alone.

So, Super AMOLED display, S voice, Bluetooth 4.0 and HD camera back or forth – the Galaxy gear is not mature just. Samsung, now brings 2 hopefully reasonable improvements at the gear, because of which there is plenty!