Samsung Galaxy J: New Flagship-Also For Us?

The Galaxy J combines the look and power of the grade 3 and the size of the S4. But the local market is uncertain.

The Japanese mobile carrier NTT DoCoMo is once again in the interest of the rumor mill: Sammyhub found yesterday on the South Korean side Naver a leak-image of the “Galaxy J”, which the provider to exclusively distribute. The Smartphone reminds externally and from which (when looking at the gel files images) facilities very thing in the run-up to the IFA presented Smartlet Samsung Galaxy touch 3.

So should the J according to Naver also with a Snapdragon S800 -Quad-Coreprocessor be fitted, which pulses with 2.3 GHz. The memory is a whopping 3, the internal memory 32 GB big.

Waterproof and Android 4.3?

The display has a size of 5 inches however, which is in the respect level with the Samsung Galaxy S4, which came in April of this year on the market. The resolution is of course 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. More info coming from the Chinese RBmenwebsite: there is talk of a 2,600 mAh battery, Google Android jelly bean (4.2 probably), while idea from France by a 13-megapixel -camera, LTE.and water – and dust-tightness internally.

The Samsung Galaxy J to appear in the colors white, blue and pink and is intended for the Japanese market as exclusive DoCoMo as mentioned initially. Possibly, it creates the Smartphone as well as overseas, we’ll keep you up to date. The official Terri Keaing can there be in any case next Thursday, the 10th of October.

Galaxy S4 advanced with similar specs

I even wonder if it creates the J to us; on the one hand the design change and possible water and containment in comparison to the S4 would be surely here and there welcome; on the other hand is the improved Samsung Galaxy S4 Advanced with LTE-A also in ambush position, which only differs memory at least at the “inner values” through the 2 instead of 3 GB from the Galaxy of J. And honestly: the look of the J from the stool, skin me now and the back suggests yet again bad plastic. As the South Koreans could be quiet something creative, the faux leather back of note 3 was a good beginning but ever.