Samsung Galaxy Q: New Of Luxury Smartphones Work?

The Galaxy F could justify the new premium class, the South Koreans. Finally should be set on metal housing material.Maybe “Project F” is just a code name for the S5.

Every year in spring it is in the mobile industry especially an issue: the next Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone. Often ask the same question in the run-up to bloggers, media, and user: the next Galaxy S with an order material as plastic comes? And every year there are again the disappointment, the new flagship is again made of plastic.

Metal sleeve, octa-core, 16-MP-cam?

2014 but could change everything. As the Chinese side ETnews reported, the South Koreans are working on a new smartphone series under the name “Project F”, which is to meet the highest demands on the material. So the first device of the series, to have possibly called, Samsung Galaxy Fa case, that not only slim, but also metal should be. Other alleged features include an OCTA-core processor as well as a 16 – Megapixel camera with CMOS sensor and optical image stabilizer, as for example in the Sony Xperia Z1 used comes.

According to insiders, associated with the project, it should no longer sufficient Samsung to offer only two high-end series, which is why they need to introduce a new line to say continue to face competition.

Only a code name for the S5?

It is however at least questionable whether Project F established a completely new model line. It Our site, assumed that beyond simply the next high end models Samsung Galaxy S5 and note 4 hide. They acknowledge their theory, that the Samsung Galaxy S4 and his descendants Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom all initially were guided mini, Samsung Galaxy S4 active and Samsung Galaxy S4 as “Project Y”. Also, there were already rumors that this next one’s S with an improved housing at the start, although this proved at the predecessors were untrue…

We remain on the ball and will tell you when there’s something new on the subject. All S5 rumours I recommend you our Galaxy S5 overview post!