Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Would Be Available in The Summer

While half the world gives returns to the unexplainable bug with the main camera of the Samsung Galaxy S5, the truth is that the Korean manufacturer has not stopped the development of new devices machine.

Thus, according to Asian media, Samsung is preparing a vitamin version of its flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, that it would in the next summer to compete you to you with a LG G3 promising that he would, presumably, in the month of may.

We already know that the market has been saved the evolutionary leap in the flagships presented at the beginning of 2014, and is in the main workhorses of the Android platform specification sheets do not we see neither the vaunted QHD screen (2,560 x 1,440 pixels) or which will not be the bumper range chipset in this 2014, the 805 Snapdragon Qualcomm which will be available from the summer.

For this reason that Samsung, anticipating that LG will have the advantage of time and being the last to speak among the best range high Android, is already preparing the offensive to adapt to the times the S5 Galaxy and mount the new Qualcomm accompanying display 1. 440p.

We don’t know if the filtration refers only to Samsung devices throwing many versions, or if we are looking at the Galaxy S5 premium which both discussed and which will also improve materials and construction of the terminal.

What we don’t have doubts is that there will be a new Galaxy S5 for the second semester by mounting more pointer hardware, we saw that in the previous Galaxy S although confining this version to the South Korean market.