Samsung Galaxy Touch 3:Pink Version in Planning

The Galaxy, note 3 of the South Korean manufacturer Samsung is expected end of October 2013. Allegedly, the large Smartphone, which is also known as Phablet, is offered in a quite extraordinary color. The speech is currently a version in pink. In addition to the standard colors white and black, this so would constitute a first for Samsung. If the Galaxy note 3 in pink will be available but around the world, is not sure at the moment, because often the IT group plans appropriate special models exclusively for specific countries and markets.

The Sam mobile Web page also confirms that Samsung touch 3 for the first time will reveal the Galaxy at the international radio exhibition in Berlin on September 6. According to rumors, the third generation of the Samsung Phablets has a 5.9-inch display that stylus, should be served not only with your fingers, but also with a digitizer, the Samsung S pen.

Galaxy series of note: Screens are getting bigger

Considering that to date available models of Galaxy note lineups, then striking that Samsung is similar as with the Galaxy S series. Galaxy offers namely a 5.5-inch display touch 2. Initially it had been expected that the third generation of even up to 6.3 inches should be maximized. But it was followed by more messages which that Samsung deeper stacks and will build a 5.9-inch screen.

Samsung is not the only manufacturer that relies on the large Phablets. HTC plant alleged an expanded version of a current Smartphone and Sony also calculated with a Phablet to the appreciation of its own portfolio of mobile hardware.c