Samsung Gear: Competition For Google Glass At Work?

Supposedly, the South Korean manufacturer already for early 2014 of an own data mask works. At least one well-known Insider claims this.

Google Glass is known already for a long time, there was a developer version in February of this year. The product polarized even before his womöglichen start in the first quarter of 2014 as much as few other technical innovations. For some, it is a revolutionary device that will once again completely change our daily lives, for others it is a superfluous toy that nobody needs.

And then there are also critical voices that draw attention to an invasion of privacy, if you shoot, for example, other people without notice with the data glasses. I am rather concerned that people just accidentally race against posts because they were fixed on the thumbnail screen in the glasses, and even some smartphone users managed that quite well.

Samsung data glasses within a few months?

Whatever the reason, Google Glass is on everyone’s lips, and Samsung have apparently got wind of it, that the glasses their customers

could find. If we are to believe the Russian Insider/blogger/Twitter user Eldar Murtazin of mobile-review , so the South Koreans on an own data glasses named tinker.

“Samsung gear”, so maybe at some point to coming “early 2014”, between January and may, on the market, which could cover even with the release of Google Glass. That said Murtazin, who likes to even advance out trumpet insider info and that’s why sometimes by Nokia was sued on Twitter at his @eldarmurtazinaccount.

Interestingly, Samsung is so called his glasses (almost) as well as its presented on the IFA and somewhat ridiculed in particular with regard to their design smart watch, called Samsung Galaxy Gear. Whether an accidental or intentional name Doppler is what is different from Google’s Samsung’s glasses and whether on the rumor at all is something we will know probably in the next few months, I am anyway, ever curious.