Samsung MV900f Camera

You still know the one or other commercial in television, where a young woman “wave”. The whole thing is called gesture control and has arrived at the latest with the Xbox Kinect in almost every living room.

Such control in other devices can be quite handy. Samsung proves trying now with the MV900F. People with the slope to the self-portrait are probably the special target group here. While the 3.3-inch display up can be folded upwards to 180 degrees. Then the self-timer or the image sharp can be activated by certain hand gestures.

Samsung MV900FPlease nice wave-1

In addition, the camera offers all the usual features, such as recording high resolution videos and photo editing, uploading photos on Facebook via a built-in Wi-Fi module.

Unfortunately it has not been set, when it comes to Germany, because it was announced only for the United States. There she will appear in the mid of next month.